Full Moon in Aries, October 16 2016


Full Moon in Aries – Libra. Time for Negotiations. Everything is coming back to us and force us to become more responsible and decisive. The Full Moon in Aries – Libra is the sign of Cosmos to start dealing with our personal issues and everything that has to do our relationships. How far can we go in order to keep our relations alive. Frankly its very difficult to find this fine line so that all parties will be pleased.

This is the Message of the Sun Libra. Balance. The Moon from Aries on the other hand will teach us that we have to break some eggs in order to make a delicious omelette. We have to be decisive and ready to take our responsibilities seriously. We have to listen to our heart and embrace our desires. Empathy versus Personal Satisfaction is the key to this Full Moon.

The Moon conjuncts with Uranus causing sudden changes in our emotional status affecting mostly our relationships. Turbulence will occur in romantic life and breakups will rise. Do we want more independence? Are we ready to break free? This Full Moon affects mostly Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

- -

Aries: Although your libido seems to be awakened the truth is that your relationships don’t seem to follow your mood. Troubles in paradise, or there was never paradise to begin with. The message of this Full Moon is that old and new relationships need to be re-examined. New interesting people approach you. Ready to take a step forward?

Taurus: It feels like your everyday life is full of surprises. And although sometimes surprises can get us out of our misery it seems that you are the ones who hate them. This is not a bad Full Moon for you guys but it does raise issues involving your health and your mood. Something changes.

Gemini: It feels like the Stars are smiling at you creating very interesting opportunities for you and your love life. Satisfaction is the issue that needs to be dealt with right now as you feel that you’ve neglected who you are and what you really want lately. This will change although you still need to work hard. 

Cancer: You are in a completely different mood and this affects all things in your life. This Full Moon and the day which follow is a great opportunity to deal with problems which drove you crazy in the past. Now you have the emotional capacity stand up and solve the past issues. Good luck is by your side. 

Leo: Your personal development and evolution receives a powerful boost during the Full Moon. Interesting people or travelling abroad will bring our very fruitful results and change forever the way you think and interact with your life. Education and career is what bothers you during these days. 

Virgo: Things got too messy the past week and now there is time for healing and progress. Take a look at your soul and ask what you need to do to break free from the past. I believe that Independence is the key, financial and emotional. Although you feel emotionally depleted things are about to change and become better. 

Libra: Happy Birthday! All eyes on you guys during this Full Moon. The great Lady of the Night create a very interesting yet also dangerous playground which may take you to places you are not ready. Self-rightousness will not solve anything and you have to use you natural empathy to bridge the differences and heal all that needs to be healed. 

Scorpio: The Full Moon affect your mood and your health bringing out issues you seemed to paused the past months. Its a great time to start a diet or refresh your gym membership. You should also find way to detox yourself from any kind of dreadful and toxic relationships. You need a fresh start.

Sagittarius: A Full Moon with positive results in your heart. There are many interesting opportunities which will take you to new interesting places helping your forget all these problems you face right now. Well, the problems won’t go away but at least you’ll take a break from all this mayhem helping your catch your breath.

Capricorn: The Full Moon is a sign for introspection and retreat to your safe place. You need to take things slowly right now and find more precious time for yourself to deal with issues which seem to bother you for months. Now is the time to clear things up in your home and family. Your libido is awakened. 

Aquarius: A very interesting opportunity for all you guys to go out and have some fun. This Full Moon will help you attract new interesting people and make you even more charming – if possible. If you are single its a very lucky time to search for this special one which will make your happy and satisfied. 

Pisces: It was only few weeks ago when you faced difficult situations creating a very disturbing and challenging time for you. This is the time to take a break and ground yourself reviewing what really happened. You now have more time and a clearer mind to reach out for the truth. Things are getting better. 

- - -