Key of Love


The fact that there are amulets and charms that help us draw love interest towards us is well known, and in most cases we need to have these charms on us. The last part can be proven somehow inconvenient for many people.

Here we are going to create a charm that looks quite inconspicuous and anybody can carry with them without drawing much attention – unless you choose to – to the amulet, but it will draw attention to your person.

First of all you will need a key ring. Just the ring. Then you will need a key to put in the ring. Choose a big one. It can be real key or a fake and of any kind. It doesn”t matter. The important part is to be a new key, with no actual purpose. Don”t use the key of your room, or your home. Also, choose a key that you can imagine it opens the doors of love. Maybe it”s heart shaped, or is of red colour or anything that makes you see it as a key to love. Put this key in the ring.

- -

This is enough, but you may empower more the charm with two or five more charms like heart shaped charms, crystals, or whatever you find proper. Don’t over do it. Keep in mind that you are going to carry the whole thing with you.

You will also need an oil. You can choose a love drawing formula of your desire, or a simple essential oil like rose oil (for any erotic purpose), orange blossom oil (to attract a man), clove (for lust), or, of course, musk. Always use diluted essential oils.

You will also need a candle. Choose pink for sweet love, red for passionate love or purple if sexual pleasure is the top priority.

On a white piece of paper draw a heart and paint it. Use wax crayon for this and of the same colour as your candle.

On a Friday anoint the charm and the candle with the oil. Anoint the candle from middle to wick towards you and then turn the candle around and anoint it from middle to bottom towards you. Put the charm on the piece of paper, inside the heart, and light the candle. Preferably use some jasmine incense or incense stick.

Relax and meditate a few moments on what you want to find. Just your ideal. Don’t meditate on a specific person, but on the qualities you want. Also feel the feelings this ideal will bring to you.

Then open your eyes and looking at the charm say 9 times the following.

Bring me what I want to live, Get me where I want to be.

Then once again close your eyes. See a door of any shape and kind you want. Even better don’t choose the shape, just say to yourself “I am in front of the door to my ideal love”, and let the door appear.

Using (in your imagination) your love key, open the door, and walk in the room behind it. See there the ideal you visualized just before, and… well, lets say, become one with it. You don’t need actually to visualize sex. Just what makes you feel complete and happy.

Then open your eyes and blow the candle.

Keep the candle and the oil for future use. Have the key-ring charm with whenever you leave the house, but also whenever you are searching for love in internet, or anywhere else. You can put the ring in your key case if you want, but don’t put other keys in this ring. Every Friday repeat the ritual, or at least anoint the charm with the oil. Use the same candle until it is completely burned and then replace it.

When you know you have found what you were seeking, let the candle burn and you can now stop anointing the charm. Wait three months and then bury the charm in your garden or a flower pot.

That’s it. Have fun, and always be careful while you are using fire.

- - -