Rose of Jericho and the Water of Resurrection


Anastatica hierochuntica, also known as the Rose of Jericho, a plant species native to deserts of North Africa. It’s a resurrection plant which as any poikilohydric plant, can survive extreme dehydration, even over months or years.

Rose of Jericho & the names of an amazing Plant

Although the most commonly used common name in English may be rose of Jericho, other common names include Jericho rose, true rose of Jericho, Maryam’s flower, flower of St Mary, St. Mary’s flower, Mary’s flower, and white mustard flower.

The amazing ability of this plant is that it can survive for many many years without any water. In fact after the rainy season, the plant dries up, dropping leaves and curling branches into a tight ball waiting patiently for the next rain drops. It can remain in the desert for many years and when the rain finds it the ball uncurls and the plant wakes up. This process is believed to hide resurrection abilities which can be used to achieve various magical goals. 

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How to Make the Water of the Rose of Jericho,

It has also been known as the Blessed Water, the Resurrection Water or the Light Water.

To Create this Magical Water of Jericho you only have to put the Rose of Jericho in a bowl or dish or Spring Water on a Friday when the Moon is Waxing. Regular tap water will do the trick but its even better to fetch some Spring Water as the remaining procedure is really simple. 

The Rose of Jericho Blooming
The Rose of Jericho Blooming 

Watch the Video of how to make the Water of Resurrection from the Rose of Jericho here!

Once you’ve put the Rose in the Water chant close to the plant for 3 times

“I, … (state your name) wake you from your eternal sleep

and I name you … ( love, money, blessings, protection, or any other thing you like).

Give me … (state what’s your desire like love, friendships, money, beauty, good luck etc)

and I promise to take care of you. Blessed be! ”

You now just have to leave the Rose in the Water waiting for it to bloom. This usually takes few to 24 hours but sometimes it requires several nights to bloom (watch the video HERE). Once the Rose blooms keep the Water in a clean bottle. 

To Activate the Water you should – preferably – wait for Friday on Waxing Moon. In the Video we show you a magical way to activate the Water using a Quartz Crystal (CLICK HERE TO WATCH). 

You can Charge the Water (again) with your Wish whispering words of power and chanting.

Keep it for further Use. 

Chant the Words of Power over the Water being very close to the Water. See the Water moving creating small waves.

Using Water of Jericho: 

  • You can sprinkle the Magic Water of the Rose of Jericho on your Doorstep to invite all blessings.
  • Toss it on your Door to enhance protection
  • Add it on Floor Wash or Sprinkle on your premises to bless your finances and make more money  
  • Use it as “Holy Water” to repel malevolent entities and reverse bad luck

Once you’ve done the spell and you are happy with the Result, remove the Rose from the Water and say to it: 

” Thank you for all your blessings Rose of Jericho,

I now put you back to your Sleep. 

Rest and be ready to aid me with blessings

when I call you back to life again. Blessed be!” 

Keep the Rose of Jericho safe in your secret magical inventory. Blessed be! 

Tip! You can Substitute Holy Water with the Water of Jericho!

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