Read your Future with Runes


Runes is one of the oldest code of Witchcraft. It’s originally a Germanic Alphabet used by European tribes of the North. These symbols possess much magical energy and this is why it’s used in all kinds of spells. It is also used by Witches and Mages to learn about the future.

Runes and Divination

There are many ways to scry with runes. Usually you draw one rune randomly or you throw them thinking of your question and trying to find a pattern that explain your question. We will give you later more ways to scry or cast spells with Runes. For now, check out the List of Runes and lets study their meanings.

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In this article we will try to learn about the Runes of the Elder Futhark, maybe the Oldest of the Runic Alphabets. I would advice you to read the list once, so that the meanings are attuned with the symbols deep in your subconcious. You can carve the Runes on small pieces of wood or crystals or of course you can always buy a new set of runes.Let your fantasy guide you

1 Fehu: Promotion, Prosperity, Rewards from Work

2 Ehwaz: Mobility, Transportation, Energy comes and goes, Will

3 Eihwaz: Death, Initiation, Sudden Change, New Beginning after destruction

4 Gebo: Good Luck, Love, a Divine Gift

5 Thurisaz: Discipline, Introspection through Hard Work

6 Laguz: What’s Hidden, Intuition and psychic abilities, Fears & Emotions

7 Algiz: Protection, Assistance, seen and unseen Support

8 Hagalaz: Sudden Change & Loss, Clearance, a tough Karmic Lesson

9 Raido: Quest, Destiny, Progress through Karmic Lessons

10 Dagaz: Happiness, Satisfaction & Success

11 Teiwaz: Sacrifice, Wound, Discipline, Inner Strength

12 Isa: Blockage, Rest, Stagnation, Patience

13 Kenaz: Inspiration, Wisdom, Creativity

14 Othila : Land, Home, Property, Family, Roots, Heritage

15 Berkana : New Beginnings, Fertility, Growth, Remarkable healing

16 Jera: Slow Change and Development, Reward, Fertility

17 Ansuz: A Leader, Wisdom, Power

18 Inguz: Soil, Productivity, Hard Work, Balance

19 Sowulo: Success, Energy, Victory, Increase

20 Nauthiz: Poverty, Frustration, Confronting obstacles

21 Uruz: Libido, Passion, Instincts, our Wild side

22 Mannaz: the Man, the Community and our Relationships, Family

23 Perthro: Mystery, Change, Magical Energy

24 Wunjo: Joy, Success, Recognition, Achievement

25 Odin: Fate, Karma, Divine Will, Crossroads

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