World is about to Lose Two-Thirds Of Its Wildlife By 2020


We are changing the World. Every action we take from the time we are born is affecting the planet and the whole Universe. We are responsible for both great and terrible things. Now the WWF is warning us for a catastrophe we cause.

We are about to lose 2 thirds of Wildlife by 2020. WWF has revealed that global populations of all wild fishes, birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles will decline by 67 percent by 2020, compared to 1970 populations.

Why? Well thats a good Question. It seems that the most important threat to wildlife is loss of habitat due to commercial and industrial development, including urban constructions, mining and finding new energy resources. Of course we should not forget pollution and climate change. “For the first time since the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, we face a global mass extinction of wildlife. We ignore the decline of other species at our peril for they are the barometer that reveals our impact on the world that sustains us. Humanity’s misuse of natural resources is threatening habitats, pushing irreplaceable species to the brink and threatening the stability of our climate” Mike Barrett stated, Director of Science and Policy at WWF-UK

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Fortunately all is not lost yet. We can still change the outcome. “These are declines – they are not yet extinctions – and this should be a wake-up call to marshal efforts to promote the recovery of these populations,” Professor Ken Norris, Director of Science at ZSL. Earth Guardians, time to stand up!

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