A Wishing spell for the New Year with the blessings of the Evergreen Trees


The last month of the year is here and all Witches are ready to say farewell to the old year and celebrate Yule, the Winter Solstice. Seasonal wishes are exchanged and we all hope that during the New Year the soil will be fertile to manifest our desires. In this spirit of celebration we are going to share with you a wishing spell to bring everything that you want in your life during the New Year with the help of Nature’s allies, the evergreen trees of the forest.

Evergreen trees, the trees that do not lose their leaves during winter, were always considered to have their own magical properties. They have been associated with life, death, rebirth, endurance, hope, good health and immortality and they were honoured during the Winter Solstice for their persistence to remain alive and green when all Nature is lying dormant.

Yews, as a good representation of evergreen trees, were usually found in cemeteries which enhances their connection with life, death and rebirth. In addition, all parts of the yew tree are poisonous and were used in many medicinal practices. In modern medicine, the substance paclitaxel comes from the yew and is being used to treat cancer. Yews are also considered one of the oldest living trees on the planet. Yews and many evergreen trees have been used in spells and magic to leave back what is not necessary and bring forward the qualities that they want to manifest in one’s life. In this spell, we are going to focus on the second aspect. Ingredients A piece of paper A pen A white candle (or a coloured candle of your choice) A mix of red sandalwood and benzoin raisin An ornament (preferably biodegradable) A piece of string of your preference 3 charcoal discs A fireproof vessel The Spell  The best timing for this spell is during the waxing moon period of December before the new Year comes.

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Firstly, you need to sit down and write your wish for the New Year. What you really want to manifest in your life the coming year? Is it abundance, romance, fertility, protection? Once you know what you want most, choose one quality and describe in detail how you would like it to manifest in your life. Be as precise and as expansive as you wish to be. 

After you have chosen the quality you want to manifest and you have described it in detail it is time to select a representation for it. You are advised to pick an ornament as mentioned above preferably biodegradable or create one which best shows to you and the Universe what you want to bring in your life. Some suggestions can be a heart for love, a coin for prosperity, a feather for spirituality, a pentacle for protection, let your imagination and your intuition guide you! Sky is the limit! When you have chosen or created the ornament that best represents your wish it is the time to charge it with your heart’s desire.

Choose the right space and time to cast your spells and when ready it is time to light the ceremonial fire. Light the 3 charcoals and place them in your fireproof vessel. Place the red sandalwood chips and the benzoin raisin on the charcoals and when the smoke starts rising take the white candle, pass it above the fumes and read aloud what you have written in the paper- express your heart’s desire. When you are done, place the candle on a nearby surface. Then, read what you have written in the paper once more. Visualise your wish coming true during the coming year, see it becoming reality and manifesting in your life. See the joy that this manifestation brings and smile. Then, fold the paper towards you and place it above the charcoals. As you see the paper burning in the fire and the smoke rising, take the ornament and pass it inside the smoke. Visualise that the ornament absorbs all this energy, it is activating and shines with the light of your heart’s desire. The ornament begins to pulse with energy, a light that builds up and becomes solid, clear, magnificent. When ready say aloud:

“This is now a symbol of my heart’s desire, my own wish filled with light and fire.” 

Repeat as needed and when  ready say: “As I said so be it”. Place the ornament on a safe surface and let the fire burn sending your wish to the Universe. When the fire is cold, return the remains to the Earth.

Now the last phase of the spell is to align your wish with the magic of the Evergreen Trees, the Sacred Spirits of the Forest. Take your ornament and go out in a place where you know that you will find evergreen trees. Ask guidance from the forest and its allies on which tree would be able to help you manifest your wish. Trust your own intuition and once you find the right tree pass the string from the ornament and place it around its branches. Before you tie the knot say:

“This is the symbol of my heart’s desire, my own wish filled with light and fire. You Old One I call upon thee, Accept this token of my heart, bring to me what I have asked. And as I said so be it!” 

Then tie the knot around the branch of the Tree. You have given a token of your heart’s desire to the tree, thank your ally and if you wish, place an offering to the spirit of the tree to manifest your wish.

The spell is done! During the New Year, burn the candle at times when you want to reinforce your wish. Light the candle and visualise the moment that you saw the tree wearing your ornament and as it grows so does your wish. 

When your wish has been fulfilled, let the candle burn and thank your ally. If you wish you can visit your tree to place an offering and express your gratitude for his/her/its service.

Have a blessed Yule and a Happy New Year!

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