Citrus oil Lamps, the magic flame of Orange, Lime, Lemon & Grapefruit


In Candle Magic there are several coloured candles which we you employ in order to radiate the perfect atmosphere for our purpose.

There are always simple trick which we can put in motion in order to combine several magical powers. One of these tricks is the Orange Oil Lamps.

Why to create an Oil Lamp Made of Orange, Lemon or Grapefruit?  It makes magic more intense, more personalised, it smells really great and it's really really affordable. Instead of using a separate orange-coloured candle and an oil burner with drops of Orange's essential oil you can actually use the real thing. An actual orange which is filled with the real magic of the Tree. 

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How to create an Oil Lamp Made of Orange, Lemon or Grapefruit? 

Step one: Use a knife to cut the citrus in half. 

Step two: Now take a spoon to scrape the pulp and fruit debris out of the citrus fruit. Do NOT rinse, as oil and water create an explosive mix.

Step three: You can use as wick the stem of the orange or even better you can place and stabilize a cotton wick. Fill half of the empty citrus fruit with vegetable oil like olive oil.

Step four: Place the ready-to-light citrus fruit on a fireproof surface. Use matches to light it up.


What Citrus Fruit to choose. 

Orange: To ignite the Passion in your life, to attract men and male lovers. Use an orange lamp to radiate sexual arousal, vitality and Solar Magic. 

Lemon: To lift the spiritual vibes of the room and summon Spirits. Lemon will bring more magically “clean” vibes. Use a lemon oil lamp to attract women and female lovers. Lemon oil lamp is a powerful tool for Lunar Magic.

Lime: It's close to lemon yet lime can bring a more tranquil atmosphere and help you “detox” your bad vibes. Also used in Love spells. 

Grapefruit: Same as Orange with more cleansing and uncrossing properties


ALWAYS look after a lighted candle. Do NOT let children or pets approach it. Always extinguish the flame before leaving the room and/or house. 

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