Astrological Predictions for 2017 – PISCES


The things you’ve been through the last 3-4 years are subject to research for you when you grow older.

Hard times, harder decisions and hearts broken – both yours and of the ones you love.

Well things might not have been this dark but that’s how you’ve felt them. “What was I thinking” might be a constant and painful question you ask to yourself at night but you know, our choices are always a result of our current wisdom. Stop hurting yourself, admit that you were wrong (if you feel that way) and change. Anyway, this year starts to change this dreadful phase of your life and you will begin feeling more optimistic especially from October. One by one, the planets begin to change positions lifting the heavy burdens of your life. Do not rush into any decisions unless you’ve though it through again and again. Reality and fantasy are interconnected right now and you cannot easily tell the difference yet. 

- -


Career and Money: Well yes, things are not that good but there is always hope for something new and 2017 is ready to give you good luck in this area too. 

Love and Romance: Although most time of the year the pool of Good Luck seems to have been drained, from October, it will rain again…

- - -