Astrological Predictions for 2017 – SCORPIO


The new year is a year of progress in almost all areas of your life.

Jupiter is creating a sense of optimism and the “guardian angel effect” which brings you good luck the moment you need it the most.

Most influences are benevolent for your sign and this is something you will feel throughout the year as you are going to set and reach all (or the most of your) goals. A word of caution though as Uranus – the planet of changes – is planning to visit Taurus on 2018 and this means that you will have to build stronger relationships and heal what needs to be healed. Pluto is going to bring helpful and powerful people around you to bless you in all ways possible. Jupiter is going to enter your sign on October setting you on fire and changing your life with more success and charms. 

- -

Career and Money: Saturn’s position in the area of your finances is showing you that you need to maintain balance in your expenses. This feeling of self-suppression will go away on December. 

Love and Romance: The influence of Jupiter will make you feel better with yourself yet from October you will feel even better and radiate charms and love. This is the time to build strong relationships. 

- - -