Venus in Aquarius (December 7th 2016 – January 3rd 2017)


Venus left Capricorn where she blessed the Earth Signs (and secondarily the Water Signs) for about a month.

Now her majesty, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, mighty Aphrodite (Venus in Latin) is going to bless the Air Signs (and secondarily the Fire Signs).

So what Changes? Many things. Although Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn felt the blessing effect of Venus the past month, her new position in Aquarius seems to suit her better. From this sign Venus is going to heal international relationships and try to boost negotiations and diplomatic interactions. Venus is also going to help humanity perceive that we should act as one. Venus will help us love ourselves more and help ourselves by caring more about the environment and our planet. Now, lets take a look at each sign and how Venus is going to help each! 

- -

Aries: Venus for approximately one month is going to bring peace and love to your friendships. What is broken can now be fixed and you will get a helping hand from people around you. Venus is going to help you widen your social circle and bring interesting people in your life.

Taurus: Venus is preparing her blessings for your career and everything that has to do with your job. Even if you are working from home you will see things changing. Moreover, Venus will bring peace within your work relationships and help you increase your income. 

Gemini: You are amongst the ones who get lucky by this Major Energy Shift our dear Venus will bring. This lovely energy will help you evolve and achieve so much more in your lives. Education and travelling (especially abroad) is favored and you will have a chance to show to the world what you are capable of. 

Cancer: This new position of Venus helps your financial status and brings solutions in your relationships and your romantic life. It can also bless you with a healing touch providing you have not neglected yourself that much. Venus will help you love life again! 

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Leo: Venus is right across you sign and from this new Position, her Majesty the Goddess of Love and Beauty will bring changes in your relationships and co-operations (marriage included). Venus can help you re-fresh your heart with love and affection! 

Virgo: The new position of Venus is going to bless your everyday life and your health. It's a great time to refresh your gym membership, start a diet or even plan a healthier routine. Your everyday life is going to change – in a good way – and luck may be hiding in the most common places…

Libra: YES this is the time to get yourself together and start having fun once again! This is the time when flirting, love, satisfaction and romance is favored. You are going to be blessed with the sweet energy of Venus in many ways and there is only one Goal. Your happiness! 

Scorpio: This new planetary position changes the way you feel inside you home. Redecoration and expenses for you house are predicted along with peace and romance when the lights are switched off. Your inner self finds tranquility even if the outside world is on fire.

Sagittarius: You are amongst the ones who are favored by this new position of Venus blessing you love and support from the people who are closest to you. Romance and Flirting is also part of this sweet game, Venus has planned for you. Heal your relationships! 

Capricorn: For one month Venus has blessed you with Beauty and Love and now it's time to bless your income and your general financial status. Things you “possess” are going to receive her lucky touch and you are going to feel it really soon. Look for opportunities! 

Aquarius: This is the time to change everything. Heal your body, change your looks, increase your income, flirt some more, buy new clothes… Venus is going to help you in many ways especialy by finding help and satisfaction from other people. 

Pisces: The sweet energies of Venus are now going to help what's hidden from plain sight. Your fears will melt and your heart is going to be blessed with optimism even if things are not quite good right now. Pay attention to your dreams as prophecy may be revealed ! 

- - -