Lunar Eclipse – February 10 2017 – Astrology


The first Eclipse of 2017 is marked by a beautiful symmetry with magical influences from the stars – the planets are forming a Pentagram. Although the Moon will be in the 22nd degree of Leo conjuncting with the unfortunate fixed star with the code name “owns worst enemy” making us realise that we are not – right now – independent, the energy of the Eclipse will give us hope to work harder as we are going to see fruitful results in almost everything we do. Jupiter on the other hand along with Uranus will amplify our need for freedom.

Due to the circumstances we are not going to fight for our liberty as to do so will make us face severe results. What we can do is to ride the horse of optimism and successfully fulfil our expectations for our future, slowly and steadily building our independence.

Due to the fact that the Eclipse happens in the Fixed Cross we should expect powerful outbursts of nature in forms of Earthquakes with possible tsunamis or even volcanic eruptions. Be very careful then if you live in zones with frequent earthquakes.  Magically Speaking this is an excellent time to work on some spells as the energy of the astral plane is impressively increased. With little effort we can manifest miracles. Remember to check with our Eclipse Magic guide in order to see and practice some very strong type of Magic – intended for the advanced practitioner . Click here for more. You can also check out this powerful Vedic Spell to boost your enthusiasm during this Powerful Lunar Eclipse.  This Moon is also known as the Snow Moon. Do you want to start anew? Are you sick and tired from the past? Break all the barriers and celebrate your freedom under the Light of the Snow Moon! Read more here!  As a general Advice… CAST A SPELL ! 

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Aries, Sagittarius along with Libra and Gemini are the most favoured zodiac signs. Although this Lunar Eclipse will radiate Powerful Magic for all the Zodiac Circle giving us hope and recharging our optimism. Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio are the ones who should be a little more careful as this powerful energy is not easily managed. 

Aries: You are amongst the lucky ones regarding this enchanting Lunar Eclipse. Mars, your fiery governor is in your signs giving you extra energy to act and reach for your dreams especially when it comes to your romantic life. You libido wakes you up and pushes you to move forward and explore your dreams. Fire is by your side and this is your chance to win the trust of your loved ones  – again. Don’t lose this opportunity. – Read the annual prediction of your Sign for 2017 HERE

Taurus: It seems that this energy makes you anxious as it forces you to do stuff you are probably not ready to. On the other hand lets be honest, you some times need a little push just as a kick-start. It always seem difficult to start anew but once you do nothing can stop you. The energy of the Lunar Eclipse focuses on your Career and your Home. Both areas need your attention and you should certainly expect major shifts. Read the annual prediction of your Sign for 2017 HERE

Gemini: Yes this is your time my dear. Your natural talent for communication is enhanced and thankfully it works miracles for you. You want to move, to walk, to visit new places and meet new people – be careful when you’re driving. This urge will help you understand more about yourself and achieve great things. This is a wake up call. Dark times are behind you and this is the time to get yourself together and reach for a brighter tomorrow. This is the Light. Read the annual prediction of your Sign for 2017 HERE 

Cancer: Your financial situation seems to be at stake right now although there are no major unfortunate influences whatsoever. This probably means that its time for you to take action as far as income and expenses are concerned. For a long time you just let this be but now you have to act. Write down how you spend your money and pay closer attention to any possible new sources of income! Read the annual prediction of your Sign for 2017 HERE

Leo: All light on you and i’m pretty sure you just love it! This Lunar Eclipse is focusing all her divine magic on you making you shine even more. All this energy though can become hard to handle and this is why you have to direct it in a productive and benevolent way rather than waste it. Make Love, not War. After all you are so inexplicably sexy right now that it will probably be hard for anyone to say no to you. Read the annual prediction of your Sign for 2017 HERE

Virgo: This powerful magic of the Lunar Eclipse is waking up you soul and your birth powers. Write down your dreams and watch for signs. This days you might have a “magical awakening” as the Moon will shine brightly in your 12th house. At the same time you have to be fully aware that secrets may not stay hidden. Try to cover your tracks better if you want to hide something.  Be also careful of secret enemies. Read the annual prediction of your Sign for 2017 HERE

Libra: A very Lucky Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse for you guys especially when it comes to your social circles and your ability to charm and convince people around you. You will notice that people around you act strange and that you attract – all types of people – close to you. If you are single it’s a great time to go out then and explore your chances. This is a very lucky time for you to use this power. Read the annual prediction of your Sign for 2017 HERE

Scorpio: This Lunar Eclipse is a very powerful time for you especially when it comes to your career. The Moon shines in this area of your life causing powerful changes and advances you cannot easily anticipate. Furthermore, this changes may activate a chain-reaction which can ultimately re-shape the way you look both at your life and your future. Be careful and use constructively this energy for your benefit. Read the annual prediction of your Sign for 2017 HERE

Sagittarius: Thank god we have Good News for you. Actually this is very good news as its the first time you see light at the end of the tunnel. This light is hope. It seems that the darkest times are over and you are now heading towards a brighter future. During the next 2 weeks you will receive messages which will encourage you to work for your evolution and improvement of you life. Stand up! Read the annual prediction of your Sign for 2017 HERE

Capricorn: A neutral Lunar Eclipse for you which focuses on your inner power and your fiery passion. The light of the Moon will make it clear for you that you should pay attention to you inner needs and instincts. It feels like you are at some kind of probational status right now, testing your powers for whats’ coming. This Lunar Eclipse is an omen that something powerful is about to come in your lives. Ready? Read the annual prediction of your Sign for 2017 HERE

Aquarius: A very powerful time for you as the Lunar Eclipse occurs right across your sign shining light in all your important relationships and collaborations. If you are married you need to be extra careful and fix what needs to be fixed. Do not let time just pass by and do something if you feel that healing is what’s needed. Use your power in order to calm things down and proceed with caution when things get out of control. Do not take risks. Read the annual prediction of your Sign for 2017 HERE

Pisces: A very powerful time for you to think of your everyday life and decide what part of it needs healing. If your body is experiencing any discomfort please consult with your medical doctor as to do so will help you overcome these issues you are facing. Neglecting to do so will only make things worse! On the bright side, this Eclipse will give you the power to find more interesting things to do everyday and maybe start a diet or renew your gym membership. Read the annual prediction of your Sign for 2017 HERE

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