New Years Resolutions for All Signs


This new Year is going to be very interesting indeed for all signs. There’s so much that’s going to happen and we will accompany you during this interesting journey.

But right now we are going to shed some light on what should you focus on, in order to earn more from this New Year which is already here.

Have you made up you mind for 2017? What will you try more to achieve or leave behind forever? Well we are here to help you with this. Before we start with Each and every sign make sure you've read your annual Astrological prediction. If you haven't that's ok. Just click here and get back to this article.   The Resolutions can ALSO act as a daily affirmation. Repeat it to yourself and draw strength and power from these words. Inspire yourself. Happy New Year!  Now, lets see all signs resolutions.  Aries: “Embracing the Changes is a sign of power.” Embracing the Changes doesn’t mean I become a different person. 2017 is a year of changes therefore feelings of insecurity may rise. Stay confident, stay wild but be always ready to admit your mistakes and take a step back if you feel you want to. Admitting that you are wrong is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of Power and Wisdom. Read Here Your Zodiac Sign's prediction for 2017. Taurus: “ I now choose to Look and aim Higher” Bearing the heavy burden of the past will only slow your progress as it happens always with you. Yet 2017 sets the base for something greater and more satisfying. The only thing you have to do is realise that some changes will ultimately help you overcome your insecurities. Read Here Your Zodiac Sign's prediction for 2017.

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Gemini: “I am being honest to myself and others” 

When the going gets tough, we have to think and re-think of alternatives. It seems that you are somehow trying to hide what you feel and therefore suppress your energy. Confrontation does not have to be a violent moment. Be honest to yourself, know your feelings and start the healing process. Read Here Your Zodiac Sign's prediction for 2017.

Cancer: “ I am free from the Past “

You above all people have a stronger attachment to the past, your family and your heritage. Moreover, the past 3-4 years have been really hard for you. This year is a preparation for what’s coming. Make sure you’ve learned your lessons from these experiences and spread your wings for the future. Read Here Your Zodiac Sign's prediction for 2017.

Leo: “ Winning is not a crime “ 

Yes, you might have been arrogant in the past and yes you may have also neglected other people’s needs and feelings due to your impulsive nature. But this year, is all about you. Focus on what you can achieve and have no guilt that you are winning. Read Here Your Zodiac Sign's prediction for 2017.

Virgo: “ I now clean my thoughts and make room for the new Dreams”

The past years have not been a cup of cake for you even with Jupiter in your sign. The truth is that now is a different time for you and you probably already feel it. You should “disconnect” yourself from the pain of the past and be confident.  Dream anew! Read Here Your Zodiac Sign's prediction for 2017.

Libra: “Yes, I am beautiful and I radiate charms”

You are beautiful indeed and you have such great qualities. This new year is going to remind you that. You are going to remember who you truly are and feel again confident for yourself. What you have to do now is to accept the fact that you are born beautiful and you don’t really have to do anything, but accept it and act accordingly! Read Here Your Zodiac Sign's prediction for 2017.

Scorpio: “ I am ready to fall in Love with my Life again! “ 

Slowly but steadily your life is changing. The past experiences may be a valuable source of wisdom but this wisdom only helps when you are not bound to these moments. Make room for new experiences and open your hearts for new and interesting people. Read Here Your Zodiac Sign's prediction for 2017.

Sagittarius:  “ I am have faith and I am becoming stronger”

Some more months and the tough experience of Saturn in Sagittarius will be over. Although he wasn’t good TO you the lessons are indeed good FOR you. All you have to do is accept them, look for their hidden messages and build a stronger and more powerful life. Read Here Your Zodiac Sign's prediction for 2017.

Capricorn: “My Life is a blessed Journey” 

Although saying this affirmation right now seems like a joke you will start feeling this way soon enough. The power that’s coming is so great and you are going to feel it as the days pass by. Make sure you feel safe for new great things in your life. Read Here Your Zodiac Sign's prediction for 2017.

Aquarius: “Good Luck is by my side along with my wisdom.” 

Yes this new year is going to provide with many blessings and of course good luck is such a great gift to have. But you know what’s even more valuable? Being wise and knowing how to use this good luck! Thankfully you have both and this year is going to be great as long as you remember to use your wisdom! Read Here Your Zodiac Sign's prediction for 2017.

Pisces: “I am Light, I am Divine, I overcome my past” 

Although you’ve been hurt the past years this new one is going to shed some light in your soul and revive hope in your life. You are going to feel different even though you don’t see any serious improvements right now. Things are changing. Start with yourself.  Read Here Your Zodiac Sign's prediction for 2017.

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