7 tips for Magical Growth and Progress


Magical Growth. Yes it can happen! We receive a lot of emails from all of you with similar topics on how you can improve your spell casting skills, what can you do to advance more in witchcraft and how you can ensure that your spells are working. We understand your concerns and we thought that would be useful to summarise which skills both personal and magical (keeping in mind that personal is magical) would help us to acquire wisdom and become better both as humans and as witches.

See the paragraphs that follow as little memos-things we need to remind ourselves every single day until they become as effortless and natural as breath is. Sounds challenging well I can assure you it is 🙂

Let’s begin with our Magical Growth…

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1.Learning comes from various sources and happens all the time

We live in the era of information, we can find more than a million spells online, a lot of books on witchcraft however the one factor which we seem to forget is that everyone is different and learning comes/happens in many ways. We can learn from Nature (that is what witches of Old were used to do), we can learn from a teacher or someone who is more advanced than us, we can learn from a book, we can learn from a peer discussion with our coven members or friends, we can learn from a discussion with a spirit and we can learn from a dream.

The moment we accept that we live in a world that we are both the teacher and the student we learn that teaching happens all the time. The more our consciousness opens and we are looking into our lives with spiritual open eyes the more we recognise that everything teaches us: compassion, patience, gratitude, self-control, happiness, wisdom, magic.

2. Finding your personal style

Yes this line does not apply only in fashion, your make-up or in my case my writing style, but instead it is your personal signature in everything that you do. There is a good reason why we are the way we are and the truth is that we decided to be who we are. The more we discover ourselves the more we learn how to do things in our own unique way and honour that magical individual way.

There is a good reason why we are good in divination but not in spellcasting, or even more precisely we are good in reading tea leaves but not tarot cards. We do what we think we are good at, that makes us happy, makes us feel accomplished, makes us feel secure and  minimises our anxiety and fear of failure. All these happens to most of us to a subconscious level but these mechanisms of our psyche are there all the time. When we challenge ourselves, learning something new, getting out of our comfort zone, it takes time and patience to be able to learn something new and feel comfortable to perform well in it.

3. A sense of purpose

Witchcraft as any other art or craft is aligned with what we think is our sense of purpose, it is another means to express who we are and what we came here to do. In a free interpretation Buddha said that “It takes a whole life to find your purpose in life”. The quicker we find our purpose the more aligned we are with our own inner world and the easier to find ways to honour this purpose with our actions and with our words.

Our purpose can be as simple or as complicated we want it to be, but nonetheless when our own inner compass is pointing at the right direction our magic starts flowing in ways which we haven’t imagined before. Why? Because this whole world exists for you to live your life and meet your purpose. Simple yet so complicated… at least in my own mind 🙂

4. Honouring the Self

Our physical form is the vessel of our psyche, our soul is the very expression of the Divine- yet we learn from an early age that we are not that different from others, we all have the same needs, we should do as X does. You have heard the stories and the lectures. They serve their purpose but at the same time, we all need to remind ourselves to take time to honour yourselves.

And when I say honour I mean honour yourself big time. Be happy and do whatever makes you happy and this as complicated as it sounds came in very simple sentence from my guardian angel. If you have to do one thing in life is ‘Love yourself’. If we can allow that to happen and we do it all the time not only we radiate magic, we are magic as we stem from the same divine force that made everything that is, that was and will be. We are Love and love is magic.

Important Note

Whenever you feel that a spell is too complicated or does not make sense to you there is a good reason for that.

5. In simplicity there is power

Complicated spells and rituals have definitely some advantages but have you ever thought why a simple wish over a candle or a dream may come true? Because magic is active at all times, however strengthened by specific times, dates and magic items, magic happens in a simple and natural way hence sometimes it goes unnoticed like the wind, and yet the most magical instrument is the Witch- body, mind and soul.

Whenever you feel that a spell is too complicated or does not make sense to you there is a good reason for that. First, we return to point 2 that this may not be your style and then to point 5 , if it doesn’t make sense simplify it. A Witch’s spells are like a poet’s poems, we may admire other artists but at the very end it is our own psyche that we try to express through our magic and this will become our legacy as Witches.

6.Patience is required

When I was younger as a witch my grandmother used to say you have to forget about the spell and exercise patience and she used to say the following metaphor: When you place a flower bulb under the soil you don’t dig the soil every day to see if the plant is growing as this will eventually destroy the plant. Instead you take care of it every day and you wait patiently for it to grow and bloom.

Yesterday I casted a spell, today I need RESULTS. Well this may happen but this is not usually the case. Natural magic happens in a natural way and this takes time. I remember I casted a spell to find my sister soul and only worked after 2 years. Although I got a reminder from the Universe that this was the case, it took 2 years… yet I was asking for a sister soul, others search for a whole life and still not able to find their sister soul. Anyway back to the point, if you want to be a wise Witch that learns and develops you need to be good to yourself and give yourself and your practices time to grow and bloom:)

7.Meditation- wait who? what?

As we mentioned at the beginning we learn from everything, yet most of the time we fail to close our eyes, let the outside world melt and turn our eyes within our very self. The first step is to learn to empty our minds, then within the void we learn to focus on different aspects of ourselves… sounds familiar? Indeed, it is called meditation and there is a good reason why it has been developed through the years and is still alive and kicking. Why? Because it works and it is good for developing our skills with one simple tool, our breath and mind.

All Witches can benefit from meditation, you see a Witch’s cradle is great or even a floatation tank but why go that far when you can sit back on a chair and simply close your eyes. Sensory deprivation can deliver results in learning ourselves but it requires patience (point 6) and the more we understand the within the better we will start understanding everything else. Plus, advanced meditation techniques can really help you do amazing stuff  from astral projection to developing psychic abilities. So give it a go, try learning more about yourself and it will show you the way.

With infinite love, The Easy Witch

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