How to Change Your Behaviour Instantly


Have you ever wished to be able to act differently in certain kind of situations? For example, have you ever wished to be more passionate in bed, or more courageous in flirting, or more self-confident while speaking publicly?

Here we are going to deal with a simple way to achieve every such goal.

Our thoughts create our feelings, words and actions, therefore, to change our actions, words and feelings we must change the way we think. That’s the truth, but changing the way we think is not, usually, as easy as it sounds, as our way of thinking is routed deep inside our mind. Here we are going to “cheat” a little and induce a change in our feelings, speech and actions, without actually changing the way we think.   Although following this procedure won’t create a permanent change, it can be useful for a quick or for an one-time solution, and also, using this for prolonged period may actually cause some change in the way of thinking.

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I’ll use courage as example to explain the procedure, but you can use it to create any change you need. Just change the word courage (or the related words) with the appropriate ones.   For the procedure you’ll need yourself and a perfume. This can be a readymade perfume/cologne, a magical oil/perfume or a mix you’ll create from such perfumes or essential oils. To have the desired results avoid using any perfume you are well accustomed to, any popular and widely used perfumes, and single essential oils. It is very important the smell to be unique and easily distinguished by you. Also, it must be a smell that you like and preferably that it already reminds you of the quality you want to express (but if this is not possible, just make sure you like the smell).   If you have created the perfume by mixing essential oils, perfumes, colognes or whatever, write down the exact recipe immediately, so that you’ll be able to reproduce it in the future.   Also, keep in mind that when mixing essential oils the smell changes quite noticeably the first three months. If you need the mix for immediate use, dilute in alcohol to turn it to a perfume or cologne instead of using the oil mix. This will almost stop the changes in the smell. If it isn’t needed immediately then I would suggest, make the mix, then let it rest for three months and then use it, either as oil, or diluted in alcohol. In any case, do never apply essential oils directly on the skin. If you want to keep the mix as oil, dilute it in a base oil such as grape seed oil or sweet almond oil.   Anyway, when you have your perfume ready, it’s time to start.

  Sit comfortably. Apply some of the perfume on the inner part of your wrists and close your eyes. Take a few deep breathes and relax your body and mind. Even better do the Balancing Breathing Exercise

  Then, without opening your eyes, gently raise one of your arms to bring the wrist in front of your nose. Inhale through your nose, smelling the smell (it is important to smell it from your body and not from the bottle as the smell will be different). Then say to yourself.   “Whenever I smell this smell I feel courageous. Whenever I smell this smell my speech expresses courage. Whenever I smell this smell my actions express courage. Whenever I smell this smell I’m full of courage.”   Remember: I use courage as an example. Replace courage and courageous with whatever is appropriate for your case.   Then smell again the smell and repeat the affirmations. Do this for a third time. Then come out of your hypnotic/meditative state.   Wash yourself.  

Repeat the same procedure for a total of seven consecutive days before actually using the perfume in action. Although it may have some results even after the first time, the results will be timid and fragile. You want them to be strong and stable.   It is also a good practice to repeat the procedure then after once a week for three or four months. Choose a day of the week to do so, in order to more easily remember to do it.   In any case, after the seventh day, whenever you need to feel courageous (or whatever you created) just wear the perfume as you see fit, but always put some on your wrists or on some part of your body which you can easily smell whenever needed.   That’s it. As simple as that. Enjoy your life, be magnificent and always have fun!

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