Love Drawing Candle Magic

love drawing candle magic

Are you single? Do you want to draw a perfect someone in your life? A Love Drawing Candle Magic can work miracles. So, let’s see some love spells. This spell is designed for the single ones.

What you need for this Love Drawing Spell:

So, what do you need for this spell?

  • A candle to represent you.
  • Three pink or red candles.
  • Two white altar candles.
  • Candle holders.
  • Anointing oils.
  • Incense, charcoal disks, incense burner.
  • Matches.

Choosing the right candles, oils and incense for the Love Drawing Spell:

The candle to represent you can be a zodiac candle or a candle of your favourite colour. It can also be a figure candle male or female, according to your gender, but I would suggest that you use the same kind of candle as the three red or pink candles. Click here to read more about correspondences of Candle Magic.

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colour drawing love candle

The three red or pink candles are to represent the relationship coming to you. Do you want it to be mostly passionate and sexual? Use the red candles. Do you want it to be calm and sweet? Use the pink candles.

For the anointing oils there are many you can use. An attraction or love attraction magical oil can be used for the candle representing yourself and a love magical oil can be used for the three other candles.

Do you want to use essential oils instead? Try rose for the all candles, or use rose for the thee candles, and jasmine for your own if you intend to attract a woman or orange blossom if you intend to attract a man, regardless of your own sex.

Do you seek a dominative/submissive relationship? Use cherry for the candle or candles that represent the submissive and frankincense for the ones that represent the dominative.

Are you seeking a man to have a playful relationship with? Use orange oil for the three candles that represent your other half. Are you seeking a woman to have such a relationship with? Use strawberry oil instead.

Have you had bad luck in many of your previous attempts to acquire a relationship and you want a change of luck? Use cherry blossom for your own candle if you want to find a dynamic person or lemon blossom if you want for you be the one wearing the pants in the relationship.

For incense use a love drawing incense or an attraction incense, or simply rose incense or rose petals. Add a few drops of Fast Luck oil, if you need to see results quickly.

How to cast the Love Drawing Spell:

Prepare your altar with the two altar candles and the image/statue of your favourite deity, or a love deity you trust, in between them. You don’t want to invoke the help of a God, but the energy of Love instead? Use the Ace of Cups of a tarot deck or the Ten of Cups, or simply draw a heart on a piece of paper, while thinking about love and use this instead.

Place the incense burner in front of the image.

Then, with the three red or pink candles create a triangular and in the middle of it have your own candle. There must be some distance between your candle and each of the three others. A 4-5cm (approximately 2inc) will be sufficient, but if your altar is big enough a larger will be even better.

Light the altar candles and the incense and summon the deity, or energy, the way you feel proper. Ask of him/her/it to help you find the love you want.

Then light your candle saying: “This is me, (your name). My love burns bright like this flame. With this candle I’m summoning a wonderful relationship in my life.”

Light the three other candles, starting by the one at the top, then left bottom then right bottom, saying: “The love I seek is out there. I now see it and it sees me. I seek for it and it seeks for me. Now it has started coming to me.”

Then sit down and meditate on your perfect relationship coming towards you, embracing you, you embrace him or her back, and whatever comes naturally to you after that.

Remember to see both yourself and the other one happy with each other.

Also, never use this spell (and none at all) to attract a certain someone. Always attract the quality you want.

Let the candles burn for approximately the 1/3 of their size. Then blow the triangle, then your candle, and then the altar candles.

Let the altar as is.

The day after, repeat the procedure, but before lighting the candles move the three red or pink candles half the distance to your candle.

Let the candles burn half their size and then let the altar as is. Not the next day, but once again the day after, repeat the procedure for a third time.

Now, the three red or pink candles touch your candle and when lighting them you say: “The love wanted is now here. I have found it and it has found me. We are happy together.”

Then visualise yourself with your relationship enjoying not only the romantic and sexual part of your relationship, but also your everyday life.

Let the candles burn out completely.

Of course, always take all fire safety measures when using candles and fire.

That’s it. Let the Love Drawing powers enlighten your magic, enjoy your loving relationship, and always be happy and have fun!

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