Summon Magical Friends with the Witches Attraction Powder


This spell is designed for all of you witches who feel lonely practicing your craft and you want to attract a friendly witch (or two) to discover together the wonderful world of Sprits and Magic.

We’ve all been through the dark path of loneliness and we do know how it feels. But you know, with love and faith to your spirit, you can invite in your life another Witch, and things can become much more interesting…

The spell uses the powers of herbs, moon, crystals and the key ingredient is the silver magnetic sand to call your Witchy friends from other Planes of Existence. You can buy this sand from many stores and you’ll be able to buy it from our e-shop too! 

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You can begin the spell 7 days before the Full Moon. Gather the Following ingredients… 

Ingredients of the Spell

the mixture:

Grind the herbs together and add the Silver magnetic sand. Open the lid of the Glass bottle and add the Jade Crystal. Jade is believe to call kindred spirits and friends from all realms. Place the Jade stone in the centre of the bottle. Add the mixture in the bottle. Seal the bottle with the lid. 

Now put the Bottle on your Altar and one Pink candle on each side of it. The one pink candle represents you. The other one represents your witchy friend. Light up the 1st candle and say: 

““This is me, (your name). My love and magic burns bright like this flame. With this candle I’m summoning a magical friend in my life. I shine like a beacon for my Witch friend to find me”

Now light the other candle.

“This is my new Magical Friend. The Love and Magic of my friend burns bright like this flame. My friend shines like a beacon for me to find him or her.”

Let the candles burn for a while while you visualise your new friend coming in your life. Repeat the next day and every other day until the Full Moon. Every next day, move the candles as if they are constantly approaching each other. On the Last day – the night of the Full Moon – let the candle burn. 

Always take fire safety measures. Do not leave the candles unattended. 

Once the candles are extinguished, open the bottle, take some mixture and sprinkle on doorways and windows. 

Repeat as needed. 

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