Flower Full Moon – May 10, 2017


The Full Moon in Scorpio on May the 10th symbolises the conquer of Life over Death. The Moon is also called Flower Moon as we read in our annual guide for all Full Moons “It is happening all over. The Flowers conquer all lands and the animal kingdom begins to celebrate the new fruitful time.

Bees gather around flowers and birds play all over them. Everything seems to grow bigger. Everything seems to become greater, fancier and better. Its officially the Era of Flowers.”

And yes, the Flower Moon is an exceptionally powerful time for Fertility and Love spells and the sexual energy of all nature (which reaches its peak on Beltane) radiated its power in this Flower Full Moon. Click here to read more about the Full Moons of the Years).  This Full Moon occurs in the 20th degree of Scorpio right next to a fortunate Fixed Star called the “North Scale / Zuben Alschemali “ which gives honours and wealth to the ones who are influenced by it. Moreover positive aspects of several planets (Mercury trine with Saturn , Mars trine with Jupiter) gives us hope for a very fruitful time especially when it comes to matters of creativity and wealth. Its time to direct our energy to something useful and let the dark past go!  This Full Moon seems to be helpful for almost all signs although Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius may find it a challenging (yet also rewarding) time. Astrology and Magic!  Magically Speaking, this is a great time to cast Love Spells, Fertility Spells and Good Luck spells. What do you want to achieve? Anything is possible right now!  Lets take a look at each zodiac sign!  Aries: The Energy of the Full Moon awakens your need for affection while you try to find a beneficial way to direct your sexual and vital energy. Its feels like something has been awakened in you and this is very difficult to ignore (and why should you?) The time has come to move forward and change what needs to be changed. You’ve been so much the past month, you’ve made some mistakes and you still pay the price but now the time has come to start anew. Read the Complete Annual Prediction for your Sign here! 

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Taurus: The Flower Full Moon blooms in one very important part of your life, your deepest and most significant relationships – the ones you could call marriage. Although this may demand your vital energy in order to cope with misunderstandings and delays which were caused by the Retrograde Mercury, there is a very good chance to help yourself achieve success in re-establishing a powerful status in these relationships by showing your lovely – sweet and helpful self. Read the Complete Annual Prediction for your Sign here! 

Gemini: The Retrograde Mercury caused so much trouble the past one and a half month creating chaos in may parts of your life. Well you know everything happens for a reason and this reason may be your need to take a step back and review what you’ve already achieved so far and what you need to change in order to assess your dominance back in your life. This time, the Full Moon tells you that you also need to change the way you live and find a healthier way to express your anxiety and your curiosity. Good things are coming. Energy is coming back. Read the Complete Annual Prediction for your Sign here! 

Cancer: A very helpful Full Moon for you guys as it happens in the area of your life which has to do with fun and flirting. For the single ones out there this may be the time to meet that special someone which can change your life forever. Try to maintain a positive attitude towards you life and do not let yourself sink into the pool of negative feelings. The key is to love and adore yourself and you will soon realise that the world is also adoring you in the most lovely way. Read the Complete Annual Prediction for your Sign here! 

Leo: It may look like a time of challenging situations when issues rise out of nowhere only to make you feel vulnerable once again but Good Luck seems to be by your side and even at the last moment something divine saves the day and everything is back to normal – or at least back to usual. One word of caution though as far as your family and your home are concerned. You need to pay more attention there and save your energy for the member of your family who ask for your help. Read the Complete Annual Prediction for your Sign here! 

Virgo: After 40 days of Chaos things are slowly coming back to normal as Mercury is regaining his speed, solving issues that presented themselves the past month. Things that you’ve been waiting for to happen are now more possible to succeed. You are now more able to cope with all that has  been delayed, neglected or misunderstood. This Full Moon will give you the energy and the self-confidence to resolve all these issues and rise on the top – again! Read the Complete Annual Prediction for your Sign here! 

Libra: Jupiter’s lovely energy is increasing your will to conquer everything you’ve ever wanted providing you still desire it with the same burning need. Opportunities are coming to give you a helping hand to move forward and fix what needs to be fixed especially when it comes to issues in your finances. Although your need to spend more money increases, you may find more ways to also increase your income. Money makes the world go round, right ? Read the Complete Annual Prediction for your Sign here! 

Scorpio: Yes this Full Moon happens in your Zodiac Sign and this may be the best news that happened to you the past months as you are always thirsty for more energy and challenges. Adrenaline reaches its peak – once again – and you are now ready to direct this energy in a more creative and helpful way. Remember that looking for trouble can sometimes get you hurt therefore please make sure you are proceeding with caution. Read the Complete Annual Prediction for your Sign here! 

Sagittarius: There is something very weird happening in your dream world. It’s like watching trailers of weird fantasy / sci-fi movies which are twisting existing moments of your current life making you wonder why is this happening to you right now. This is a fortunate time for you although it may not look like one because of all these responsibilities Saturn make you handle daily. Please try to maintain peace of mind and everything is going to be great once again! Read the Complete Annual Prediction for your Sign here! 

Capricorn: Your Social circle is expanding by the light of this Full Moon which makes you more attractive day by day. This weird energy is helping you feel ready to change your romantic life,  reaching for more interesting – and challenging – encounters.  Now is the time to let yourself enjoy and explore your social skills. If something is bothering you ask for help as this Full Moon can also help you find the right person to do the job you’re asking. Read the Complete Annual Prediction for your Sign here! 

Aquarius: This Full Moon pushes you to work faster and work more as it gives you the chance to achieve a very important breakthrough in your career. I really feel that it’s worth the trouble as both Jupiter and Saturn are creating very beneficial aspects making this time belevolent and demanding at the same time. You are blessed with a brilliant mind and this is a very good time to make this work and reach for your goals. Read the Complete Annual Prediction for your Sign here! 

Pisces: This is a time for personal growth in almost all parts of your life. You may need to travel or communicate with foreigners a lot and this will make you cultivate your speaking and writing skills in order to broaden your spiritual horizons and / or establish a more stable way of living. Opportunities rise out of nowhere and good luck is by your side. Everything that has to do with education and spirituality are favoured. Best time of the year right? Read the Complete Annual Prediction for your Sign here! 

Blessed Full Flower Moon! 

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