How to Make and Use a Magic Mirror


As already discussed Mirrors seem to be one of the most commonly used objects in the history of magic, and it is so well known that folklore and literature often enough mention their use.

From contacting others to teleportation, and from hexing to blessing, mirrors can do almost everything if the caster knows their secrets.

So we did see in our previous article (CLICK HERE) that we’ve said here mirrors are quite common in magic and practically, if the wizard knows their secrets, can be used for everything, including divination, contact or interaction with other times and places.   Unlike what most people think when they hear the word mirror, most of the magic mirrors don’t actually reflect anything. They are, on the contrary, black and concave. Here we are going to see an easy way to make such a magic mirror without needing much crafting talent.

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  Go buy a glass, ceramic or porcelain bowl, such the ones that are for salads or cereals. Try to find one that hasn’t a flat surface in it, or if it has, at least it is as small as possible. Also, choose one that doesn’t have any carvings in the inner part. Don’t buy a metallic one. You need an insulator. Choose one that is large enough. The larger the easier and better to use.   If you can find a plain black one, this is perfect. If you can’t find one, don’t worry. A light coloured or transparent is a good start. Then buy some black paint for glass, ceramic or porcelain, depending on your bowl, and paint it black until it’s opaquely and uniformly black.   And now you have the object ready! Let’s turn it magical!   It’s actually a simple thing to do this for general use. Magic mirror are based in this type of magic that utilises the magnetic fluids. This means that the way this type of magic activates it,  is simple but requires time and patience, and until it becomes strong enough it’s easy to break the spell by using it carelessly.   So, first use some myrrh essential to purify and sanctify the mirror. Then keep it always covered when you don’t use it, and never let anybody else touch it. Just you.  

In a dimly lighted room, or preferably a candle lighted room, and certainly not under sun light, uncover your mirror and caress it with love for some time. This way you give it your loving energy. Just do that and then, kiss it before covering it again. Don’t overdo it. Repeat the procedure once daily. No more and no less. Do that for a week (or three weeks). After that, the mirror will be ready to be used for your divination or as a portal to different planes, times, and spaces.

These are the real magic mirrors

  The more you use the mirror after that, the more powerful it will be becoming. Always use the mirror in dim light, or candle light, and always keep it covered any other time. If you choose to use different mirrors for divination and for connecting with other planes, even better.   In upcoming posts we’ll see how to use the mirror for divination, for accessing your previous life as well as parallel lives, and for summoning to the present time the magical powers you had in your previous life.   For now, prepare your mirrors, have fun and be blessed!

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