Mediumship types and how to recognise them


Connecting with a force higher than us in order to understand life under a new light, share information and give advice to others has been at the core of mediumship for a long long time. This profound connection can happen in many ways and take different forms and has fascinated mediums and non-mediums alike.

Of course some cases of mediumship have been linked with fraud and attempts to fool others however, this should not limit our belief on the fantastic potential of mediumship and its amazing power to remove the fear of death and help us receive advice from a consciousness that is able to have a more ‘panoramic’ view in our lives. 

In this article, I am looking to take you through the 3 basic forms of mediumship as they have developed through time and how they appear today. My aim is to familiarise yourselves with them and see if any of those rings a bell to you.  1) Spiritual Mediumship This form of mediumship intends the connection of the medium to a spirit (or group of spirits) in order to receive messages through their psychic abilities- clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance (more information on psychic abilities click here). The spirit can be the spirit of a deceased who bears messages for the person, a guide, a guardian angel or whichever spirit the medium is accustomed to work with. 

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2) Trance Mediumship Moving a step further, trance mediumship is the extraordinary ability of a medium and a spirit to ‘merge’ together, where the spirit is actually using the voice box of the medium and talks through the medium. What we expect to experience are changes in the voice, tone and accent of the medium, and in some advanced cases we can see the phenomenon of transfiguration, where the face and facial expressions of the medium start to change and resemble those of the spirit. A truly amazing experience in my humble opinion. The spirit through the medium can participate in a discussion where it answers any questions or instead can give a talk about a topic.

3) Physical mediumship  Physical mediumship is one of the most impressive forms of mediumship where the medium connects with the spirit and the occurrence of physical phenomena are used as a method of communication. What to expect? Tapping, noise making, movement are only some of the forms this connection is manifesting. In some advanced cases, the medium and the spirit work together in order to create ‘apports’, physical objects which materialise from thin air and are given as presents from the spirit(s) to the participants.  

Regarding forms of physical mediumship, the very famous (or rather notorious by some) Ouija board is one of the forms of physical mediumship where the medium connects with a spirit and using the energy gathered from the group, the spirit can move an object on a board to write messages. 

Another, extraordinary form of mediumship is automatic writing, where the medium allows the spirit to guide their hand and write messages on a surface (a piece of paper or a board). In a similar manner, spirit painting is another form of alliance between a medium and spirits where the artist/medium is allowing them to guide their painting style and produce some extraordinary images. 

I hope you liked this brief introduction on the different ways to connect with the spirit world and if any of the above intrigues you, it may be a good indication where you may want to invest your time and energy on.

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