Urban Magic: New or Old Witch in Town


In most Towns and Villages there have always been these people who seem somehow wacky, living their lives in weird ways, staying by choice on the edge or completely outside of the society usually labeled as “lone-wolves”, as if they don’t fit, as if they don’t want to be part of the modern way of living.

Even in most legends, witches do not easily blend with the crowd and throughout history we can spot several figures knows as witches who lived a solitary life. 

Here in Magical Recipes Online we don’t see witches as lone-wolves but as parts of a healthy society who incorporate the modern way of living with the Old Ways. However, the message we get from these stories is that Studying Witchcraft can be a very demanding time-wise activity which requires isolation in a regular basis, frequent meditation and daily recharging of Magical Batteries. Yes, all these should remain on our daily schedule but Witchcraft is not just this. Some call us New Age but Witchcraft is much more ancient.  Living in the modern World is a challenge for the modern Witch and here are some things to do whether you just moved or you live there forever. Try these and your magic will be empowered. 

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Rule No1. All areas are dominated by specific Nature Spirits. 

Whether we like it or not, we live with spirits and energy currents which although invisible with plain sight, are present and affect us. To show respect to these ancient forces is a very important thing to do as it will help you blend with the powers of the area. Trust me, you want these forces as your allies in your daily witchy and non-witchy battles. 

What to do: Leave small presents (like muffins or cupcakes or a cup of water/milk) under trees. Sugar, Water and Milk are considered sacred Libations to the Witches and Priests/Priestesses of the Old Religion. (Look for more information about libations here). 

Rule No2. Listen to your guts. 

You already know what is good for you. Trust yourself and the vibes you get. When you are new in town choose a day you feel ready and begin exploring the area. If you live there for a long time you can do the same although you may probably need to distinguish the intuitive feelings from the memories you had in several areas, although what happened to you in the past has to do with these invisible energy fields. 

What to do: On a sunny day – and whenever you feel it’s safe to do so – begin walking on the streets of your town. Tip! Slow your movement by 50%. This odd velocity will wake up your sixth sense and help you “feel more”. Use pins from Google Maps and mark the areas you get a good feeling and the ones you have a bad one. You can print the map and add it to your Book of Shadows. Now take notes, every-time something is happening to you in these areas. 

Rule No3. Meet with residents.

Whether these are humans, or indigenous plants animals you have to know them better. A witch can explore and find witchy associations or occult shops to get his/her magical stuff. Moreover the plants that grow there can be used in daily kitchen witchcraft as well as the feather of the indigenous birds (the ones that have already fallen – do not harm the animals). 

What to do: Google occult shops in your area or ask for possible store that sell herbs. Meet with these people and let them tell their stories about the place you live in. It is not necessary to declare the fact that you are a Witch. You probably want to stay in the shadows until you feel safe it’s up to you. Listen to legends and folklore information. Study the plants and animals of the area. You may also help local animal shelters by providing some kind of service you feel comfortable with. 


Slow your movement by 50% while walking. This odd velocity will wake up your sixth sense and help you “feel more”.

Rule No4. Find and/or Make your Sacred Grove

No matter how urban the area may be, there is always a green spot where people can rest along with the company of indigenous animals hanging around the local trees. This may be a perfect spot for you – providing it’s legal and safe – to go when you need to feel surrounded by nature’s forces, which many witches see it as the source of their magical powers. 

What to do: Once you find this spot, leave your magical mark there. Consecrate the space with holy water (see here how to make holy water) by creating a sacred magical circle where you can sit comfortably.  Now use chants and mantras to charge the area with your magical energy. Music and dancing can always do the trick too! Once created, visit your sacred grove and leave offerings (click here to read about libations and magical offerings) to the spirits which live there and protect your space. You may also want to call for animal and plant protectors. Trust the nature vibes. You’ve now created a source of Magical Energy in the heart of your town! CONGRATS! You are so magical! 

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