Wishing Stones – An Easy Wishing Spell

Wishing Stones
Wishing Stones

Something to remember:

Before starting to describe the wishing stones spell, once again I want to remind you that you should not use this spell, or any other, to manipulate the free will of other persons, for black magic is certain to backfire, both in case your wish is fulfilled and when your wish won’t come true.

A wishing spell with a potential enormous power:

So, what do we usually think when a spell doesn’t seem to provide us the results we thought it would? That it wasn’t powerful enough. Right? It may not be the problem (for more reasons a spell may not work as wished take a look at this article). But, for those cases this is actually the case, here I’m going to give you a spell that can become as powerful as you have the patience and will to make it.

It doesn’t actually require any prior practice, neither complicated rituals, nor extreme magical power on your behalf. And even more, it doesn’t require expensive and complicated materials to cast it. Just your imagination and some stones. Simple, small stones you can collect from a beach, a riverside, a forest, anywhere.

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How to cast the wishing stone spell:

So, first, decide your wish. Then go for a walk anywhere you think you can find these stones. Collect in a bag, or something like that, as many as you want, but collect only those that seem be “synchronised” with your wish. Then go back to your home.

Take only one of the stones out of the bag. You want to clean the stone with fresh water first? Do so. You want to write a symbol on it? Do so freely. You want to anoint the stone with a wishing magical oil, or a success one, or one in accordance with your wish? Again, do as you please. All these may empower your spell, but they are not necessary, so do as you please.

Then, sit down comfortably, hold the stone in between your palms and meditate on your wish. When you are happy with the image and feeling you are having about the accomplishment of your wish, let the energy flow through your palms into the stone. When the energy has filled the stone, visualise a golden ribbon surrounding the stone, keeping the energy of your wish in it, but letting it radiate your wish to the Cosmos.

What to do with the enchanted stones:

Then, come out of your meditative state, and find the right spot in your house to put the stone there. It should be an open place, not a drawer, a box, or a cupboard. It can be your desk, a shelf or wherever else you want.

Wishing Stones - A Simple spell to fulfil every wish
Wishing Stones – A Simple spell to fulfil every wish

Next day, or a couple of days later, repeat the procedure with the next stone. Keep doing so every few days. Don’t remove the previous stones. Just keep adding new stones. You can put them in the same place, or in different places. Whatever feels more right to you. You can also go and collect more stones if you want to empower the spell even more. There is no limit to how many stones you should use.

A month or so after the fulfilment of your wish wash the stones with salt water, and then with clear water, and release them back to the nature. Remember to thank them for their help.

That’s it. Have fun and enjoy the fulfilment of your wishes!

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