3 Secret Keys to Unlock a Magic Life

3 Secret Keys to Unlock a Magic Life

We live our lives trying to do our best to make them better and make ourselves and the ones we love and care about happier. But sometimes this is not enough. Then, what do we do? How do we unlock a Magic Life for us? We usually try harder. Right? But this can be the problem though and not the solution.

3 Secret Keys to Unlock a Magic Life

Sometimes what we really need to do is stop trying. Even more, stop acting.   Yes, our mind can’t easily appreciate this idea as it is used to working all the time and trying all the time. But let’s see this three simple ways of not-acting that may change our lives for the better.

1st Key: Trust

Yes, the first thing we need to do in order to unlock a magic life is to relax and trust. Trust ourselves, trust we did the best we could according to our wisdom and means, trust the universal flow, trust the divine wisdom, and trust that everything eventually will fall in the right place.  

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By trusting we allow the mind to relax, and because of that to find the right answers. We also allow the spells and magic we have cast to find the best way to manifest their results.   Just be careful, trusting and being “blind” is not the same thing.   Trust is based in the base chakra so, work with it if you have problems with trusting, or even with the idea of trusting.    

2nd Key: Gratitude

We have analysed gratitude and its value in two articles already, so I won’t say much here one the subject. You may read more here !    In a few words, by showing gratitude for whatever you have – or have accomplished – not only you realise you are more blessed and successful than you thought you were, but also compels the universe to provide even more blessings (and even, of your liking).    

3rd Key: Live the moment

Yes, simply that. Don’t think of the future, don’t remember the past, don’t even schedule you next move, thought or whatever. Just feel and live the moment. After all, this moment right now, will never come back. Enjoy it to the maximum. Even if it doesn’t feel good right now, it offers something to your being, your spiritual growth and your self-discovery.    

The trap! So, what? We do these and stop acting? The answer is, of course not. True success and truly fulfilling life is achieved when we know when to act and when to not-act. And, unfortunately, there isn’t a safe rule to follow, so we need to find this balance ourselves. But as a general rule, when acting doesn’t help, then try not-acting.    

That’s all! Be blessed and live the best life you can live!

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