Astral Travel – the Easy way for Astral Projection

easy steps to follow in order to achieve your First Astral Projection


Timing is Everything. Sometimes you try and try and nothing happens. But then something comes to you like an epiphany, and BOOM. You’ve got it.

How easy is Astral Travel?

Astral Travel can be something like that. We get so many messages saying “oooh I just tried everything and it still doesn’t work”. Remember, some times trying hard is not going to help. Sometimes the Truth appears when you are ready. You may need to find a way that Astral Travel comes naturally to you.

I bet you got many question about the Astral Projection, the Astral Flight, the Astral Plane and how to achieve it etc. Although we try to cover some questions here you can always click here and read one more article with frequently asked question on Astral Plane and Astral Projection.  Do you have to be special to travel in the Astral Plane? No of course not. Although to few people – some call them Dream Walkers – comes naturally, it’s not very often to find one who is born with the ability to project in the astral plane at will.

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We need to cultivate this gift. Click here to read more about the Dream Walkers and how to become one. Do I need some kind of Spiritual Protection?  I always call upon my Guardian Angel right before I go to sleep. You can do it too. Say a little prayer. Let words come out of your heart. You can always call upon your Guardian Angel in a more detailed way (see here how). After all, he is going to be a very good companion in the Astral Plane. Moreover, you may want to cleanse your chakras before going to sleep. In this way, your energy body is going to be at the best shape possible and do remarkable things. (click here to see how to balance your chakras).

Lets begin...

Do this steps to achieve easily Astral Projection

Step one! Let things go!

There’s so much frustration regarding Magic, Astral Projection and Psychic gifts (you can search more about psychic powers here). But the truth is that Astral Projection is not the art of trying hard and achieving your goals. That’s not the secret. Astral Projection is the Art of letting things go. So although you should not try “hard”, you probably need to try some times in order to reach your goal.

To become an astral traveler you need to let what bothers you stop being a burden to your psyche. Your soul is eternal. Your powers are limitless. Things that hold you back in your life don’t have to hold your astral body too. Everyone has problems. You need to let things go. This is the power of Water Magic with which Astral Travelling and Astral Projection is associated (along with the Air Magic). Become like the Water. Water flows freely no matter what obstacles it faces it will still flow until it reaches the sea. Be like the water. Let yourself free.

Step two! Your body is a Compass.

Before going to sleep, remove your jewellery and whatever is tight loosen it up. Get a compass and see where’s North. Now lie down with your body parallel to the north-south axis, with your head pointed toward magnetic North. Aligning our bodies (and the magnetic field of our body) with the Magnetic field of the Earth helps us achieve Astral Projection with less effort. Of course by the time we manage to become Astral Mages and Astral Witches this is not going to stand our way.

Step three! Astral Projection is my Goal.

One of the Tricks is to remind yourself that you are an apprentice Mage and that you will reach your goal. Remind yourself every one or two hours with the following suggestion: “Tonight as every night, I easily and happily project to the astral plane.” You can put a reminder on your smartphone every one hour. You can leave notes in your home. You can Read the suggestion or Say it to yourself or even out loud. Remind yourself who you are and who you want to become.

realise your full power!

Step four! Herbal Magic.

Many occultists have experimented with several drugs or other substances to help one project in the astral plane. We have created a very interesting potion – the Flying Potion / click here to read about the Flying potion – to help you guys achieve a more relaxed and lucid state of dreaming. It will help a lot. We have also prepared a very interesting herbal blend. The Flying Potion Tea, which soon you will be a able to buy from our magical shop. We will also soon give you a detailed article on herbs and herbal magic associated with Astral Flight. Check Here.

Step five! The Way of the Moon and the Way of the Sun

There have been proposed many way to project in the astral plane. There’s the active way – the way of the Sun – proposed by Dr. Monroe which requires you to do breathing and visualisation exercises on a daily basis. . It’s a great way especially when you want to master the technique in order to project at will. We will teach you this way too. But this article focuses on the Way of the Moon. It requires minimum effort from you, no spare time. You just “programme” yourself by doing some things really regularly. This way, you plant the Seed of Astral Travel in your psyche and waiting for it to grow. To empower the way of the Moon you can also create the Moon Portal. Click here. 

Step six! No analysis, just paralysis.

Sleep Paralysis and the Astral Projection are two things which are deeply connected. What is sleep Paralysis? Sleep paralysis occurs when you somehow wake up from deep sleep and although you are fully conscious but cannot move your body. It’s NOTHING to be afraid of. In the old Religion, people have identified a demon-like creature named “Mora” which was perceived by those who experienced Sleep Paralysis. They sometimes believed that it was the spirit of a Witch which caused such a phenomenon – soon you will read more about Sleep Paralysis in a detailed article.

The Truth though is that, Sleep Paralysis is only a step before Astral Projection. While in Sleep Paralysis, you body is totally relaxed but the Astral Body is activated thus your magical and psychic powers are on alert identifying entities and creatures around you of the same essence, the astral essence. Of course it comes natural to get scared by a negative entity therefore wake up and remember what you’ve experienced in the state of Sleep Paralysis.

But remember, experiencing negative entities in the Astral Plane is much more rare and safe exactly because you are closer to your own Magic which is divine. You are close to your Guardian Angel, your Ancestors, your Totem Animal and other Entities which protect you. Moreover, while in Astral Projection you can get back to your physical body whenever you want (see here more information about the Astral Plane). So Sleep Paralysis is safe and the doorway to the astral plane.

Now instead of doing of practicing on Breathing, Relaxing and Visualisation exercises you can easily just wait to wake up in a deep sleep and got to the last step…

Step seven! Fly my darlings!

When you’re anchored in Sleep Paralysis state it is actually the best time to separate from your body and fly in the astral Plane. So rather than get scared why don’t you let yourself experience the life-changing Majestic feeling of Astral Projection ?

Congratulations! You are now in the most appropriate state to begin your separation from the physical body. All you have to do is focus on this thought and this thought only. You want to project in the astral plane. Once you focus on this thought, you now may enter the Vibration State, which no one can really explain what happens. You may experience it like a vibration or tingling. It feels that the Astral Body is actually trying to separate from the Physical Body. This is a key point. Do not loose focus.

You should probably start feeling the Astral Body inside your physical body. You can now move it. Try turning your arm. You will probably feel this weird feeling of moving your Astral arm, like having a third arm of something. You are now having your first intentional Out-of-Body Experience. Stay focused.

Where do you want to go?

Now think of a “target”, just a spot two-three feet higher. Lift out your body. You are lighter than air now. Reach for this spot. You can even rotate your astral body and roll out of your physical one. Do whatever you want. You are now out of it!

Feel the astral energy running in your veins. You are feeling wonderful and you love the fact that you are flowing. Open your eyes. Your astral eyes. You might experience colours you’ve never experience before. It’s really amazing.

How do you go back? Just will it!

Just one last thing. Make sure you’ve got a dream Journal right next to your bed to write down everything you’ve experienced once you get back to your body. Do not wait till morning. Write it down exactly when you get back!

Congratulations. You are now part of our Astral Family.

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