Instant Karma Cleansing

karma cleansing spell

Karma Cleansing! Yeah! But what is it? Karma, although a spiritual tenet, is also a universal law which was demonstrated by Newton as the Law of Action and Reaction. As the name itself means, Karma (Sanskrit: Deed) is the reaction of what we have already done, though or felt.

Karma in Witchcraft

Through the thousands of years we live on this or other realms, we have activated a series of events, like a chain reaction. Every moment that we breathe, we act, think and feel causing a change in the astral and physical plane. This change of energy will later – or instantly – be converted to actual events which will become our reality.

The Threefold Law of Wicca

In Wicca, Karma has been substituted by the Law of Three – the Threefold Law. It clearly states that whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person three times. Both concepts (Karma and the Threefold Law) describe the universal Laws of cause and effect and therefore encourage the individual (magical practitioner or not) to act in an upright way.

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We have helped, we have poisoned, we have killed and we have cured. We have all been sinners and we have all been saints. Probably this is the reason why we are blessed or cursed by certain characteristics or situations in our lives. Have you ever wondered “why this happen to me?” Have you ever ask yourself “why these patterns keeps repeating itself in my life?”

Mystics, priests of the ancient religion, wizards and occultists are pretty sure that in our past lives we could’ve used intentionally or unintentionally the dark paths of magic. In other words, we could’ve all been dark wizards at some point whether we knew or we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into, the outcome of our actions me still affect our lives. In other words, many of our today’s problem are a result of our misuse of Magic in past lives – or even this one. Being an evil wizard / witch ALWAYS comes with a price.

So the question is:  “can we relieve ourselves from our bad karma?” The answer is yes we can!

The following spell can erase the bad karma and break the curses and evil spells you cast in the past (but not the karma of our actions, although this is pretty big too). By doing so you free yourself from all the pain and darkness that all this evil magic may have caused to you and others. We are all connected by a higher force, like we are part of the same cosmic network, like a giant spider’s web.

When we cast a curse, we intentionally or unintentionally mean to harm ourselves. And although this may take some time, it ALWAYS backfires to us. This is why, Magical Recipes Online ALWAYS discourages our readers and fans to cast black magic. Black Magic is the intentional or unintentional magical practice which either aims to cause harm, employs dark forces (ie. Demons), or intents to intervene with a human soul’s free will (ie. Love binding).

karma: what you send comes back threefold

How to free yourself from Bad Karma.

And now the Spell to get rid of bad karma! The Karma Cleansing Spell!

Time to Cast the Spell:

Saturn (also known as the Planet of Witches), traditionally rules the past karma while the Sun creates the future. So, if you want to release yourself of all negative vows, curses, spells and deed, then try this simple spell on a Saturday night (Saturday is the Day of Saturn).

Before the Spell:

Take a shower to cleanse your body end aura. You can use a Ritual Cleansing bath with salts empowered with sacred scents. You can get bath salts from our shop too.

Casting the Spell:

Take a white candle and anoint it with a banishing/cleansing or blessing oil (which you can also buy from our magic shop). If you prefer to use plain oils, lavender essential oil (always use diluted essential oils), olive oil or sunflower oil will do the job.   Anoint the candle from middle to bottom pointing away from yourself and then turn around the candle and anoint it from middle to wick, again pointing away from you. While doing so, concentrate on your wish to be released from all the negativity you’ve brought in your life and your karma.


Then light the candle and preferably some banishing, cleansing or blessing incense. Watch for a little while the flame of the candle while relaxing your body and your mind.   Chant “hum” for 27, 54 or 108 times.   Then say three times:   “I now wish to be free from my old deeds. I surrender myself to the Divine Grace (or any God you trust or any supreme power you believe in) asking all my mistakes to be undone and all my bad karma to be cleansed.”   Keep watching the flame and relaxing your mind allowing the Divine Grace (or any entity or power you have summoned) to act on you and and on your karma.

When you feel ready, chant “ram” for 27, 54, or 108 times.   Stay by the candle for as long as you feel like. Then let it burn to the end. Try not to interfere with it but always take all fire safety measures and never let a candle burning unwatched.   That’s it. Go to sleep and be awaken in a brighter new future.

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