Magic with a Penniless Purse


When you look online at Pagan supply sites there is a vast array of tools and supplies, and you may have noted that they aren’t exactly cheap.

In fact they can get damn expensive – I don’t disagree with this, but with the economy the way it is not everyone has the cash to but these things, and it makes buying them unfeasible. There are ways you can practice and get supplies that won’t have your bank account  freaking out or keeling over.  

It's nice to have a fancy chalice with witchy symbols, a cauldron, a broomstick… However what if I was to tell you there are ways you can have these things? I bet you would say I am joking, but I assure you I am not. It's possible to have these things but not exactly how you would expect, and that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes the Universe denies you what you “want” in order for you to find what you “need”.     Where do you start looking when you are pinched in the purse department?  Facebook – There are a plethora of groups and pages on Facebook that are dedicated to selly or swapping pre-owned tools and supplies. I can hear the complaints about security and reliability, and I don't blame you, but they are the exception, most people aren't going to be 'ripped off'. I have found Tarot/Oracle cards, crystals, wands, jewellery and books this way. I even found a gorgeous pestle and mortar which was a trade for some jewellery and beads. You may find that some of your friends may have what you are looking for and are willing to trade with you, or even sell it to you.   Nature – There is a source that can give you some amazing supplies… take a look out of the window, what do you see? Nature in all her beautiful glory. She's everywhere! Get to know the flowers, plants, trees in your local area; with this you can easily stock up your witchy cupboard without breaking your bank account. You will need to know what you are looking for and what you are harvesting, because some plants, trees and flowers are poisonous. Research and planning will need to be done before you go out foraging. If you are geographically lucky you can collect shells, beach or river stones, leaves, twigs or herbs.   DIY – Yes, I said it… Do it Yourself! I don't mean dig out your heavy duty power tools. For many this is the most frightening way to bring supplies into being. You can create some wonderful things if you let yourself express your creativity and follow where it takes you, and you can make them at a fraction of the cost. Keep your eyes peeled for craft shops, website who have sales that sell materials you can source cheaper materials.   Charity Shops/Car Boot Sales – You can find a wealth of fantastic treasures from car boot sales (yard sales), charity shops (thrift stores) or discount stores like Poundland. Just because someone doesn't want it doesn't mean it is junk, this is far from the truth; you never know what you will find. I have found plenty of things this way. Candles and holders, boxes, my chalices, decorative bottles, books, cloths that can act as altar covers and occasionally you can find crystals.  Looking for Bargains  – There is a certain amount of snobbery in the pagan community when it comes to things like candles. For example I buy my tea light candles from Wilkinsons for £2 (100 for £2), I use pillar, taper and votive candles from places like Poundland, Home Bargains, Wilkinsons. I don't really believe in spending £7 on 12 tealight candles that have been blessed and charged, not when I can buy 100 for £2 then bless and charge them myself; I actually prefer it that way. It means the candles I am using for my spell or healing work have been charged for their purpose by my own energy.  

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Important Notice 

If you are getting second hand tools, then you will need to make sure they are cleaned and cleansed thoroughly before you use them, to rid them on any stagnant energy that has been attached to the item while in someone else's possession. Always do your research when it concerns plants, and make sure you clean your hands thoroughly after touching things outside because you don't know what could have touched things.  

Nixie Vale is the creator of the Ramblings of a Rainbow Witch page and group on Facebook. Nixie has always had a gift with words, and she has combined that with the deep love and passion for her craft, and her fascination with history. Nixie has a profound connection to colour and it's use in magic and it's psychological effects, she has always had an interest in the natural world, from animals to crystals, and Nixie has taken all of these and fused them with her love of literature.  As a teenager Nixie began learning Tarot and she has also learned about other forms of Divination and incorporated these into her repertoire of skills. Nixie is also a very creative person, having crafted jewellery, sewing and a plethora of other interests. Nixie has been writing about witchcraft for the last 6 years, and after being urged to share these 'ramblings' she created her page. Nixie is a trusted member of the facebook Pagan community and has worked with many in different ventures

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