Strawberry Full Moon – June 9 2017


The Full Moon occurs in the 18th degree of Sagittarius. At this point, the Moon is in the Zone of Ophiuchus – which is a large constellation astrologers always knew.

Although NOT a separate Zodiac sign ( the signs have always been 12 and will stay that way) Ophiuchus since antiquity is believed to possess very distinctive magical properties. 

In this degree the Moon is at the Realm of Asclepius, the Snake Holder, the God of Medicine. From this place, the Moon shines its light upon the poisons that run in our veins and we all have one. Whether this is an actual poison, a disease or even negative feelings, the Lunar Light will show us what’s our weakness, what’s our achilles heel which needs healing. Did you know that when the Moon is between the 8th and the 25th degree of Sagittarius ( in the realm of Ophiuchus) its the best time to cast a healing spell according to the Magi? 

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Now back to Astrology, this is the time we should be extra careful not to engage in any fights and try to dispel attacks coming from hidden enemies and evil people. It seems that negative energy might target especially Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces and especially these signs have to be extra careful and try to defend their aura and energy (check here how to heal and balance your chakras). 

Aries: The Strawberry Full Moon favours you and from your friendly Sagittarius can bring our the best of you. The trine of Uranus with Saturn will help you achieve your goals and expand you business with foreigners or travels abroad. In general this is a very good opportunity to evolve in so many levels. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Taurus: With your Governor in your Zodiac Sign there are not so many things you should be afraid of. After all, your libido is being awakened and the love of your life and you instincts will guide you to success. In fact, this is a very good time to shine and succeed as you are motivated and you have the protection of Venus by your side. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Gemini: Well this Full Moon occurs in your Axis (Gemini / Sagittarius) and of course this means that we have to be extra careful when it comes to serious relationships, marriage or signing important contracts and sealing deals. You see this is a very important time for you to co-operate in a very creative way but at the same time you have to be yourself. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Cancer: Your health and your vitality is what matters right now and day by day you realise just how important it is to maintain your energy levels in a satisfying condition. You see, you spend so much energy for others but you rarely think of yourself and that’s something it’s already started to show. Hence, you’ve got to let some things go and relax. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Leo: Strawberry Full Moon seems to favour you a lot as it occurs in your friendly Sagittarius. You will have the chance to bless your life with love and passion once again . If single be ready to flirt again and meet your friends and relatives to fave more fun. If married find a way to recharge the bliss in your life. This is your chance feel happy…again! CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Virgo: This Full Moon makes you focus on your home and your family. Things there need your energy and attention and you have to find out how to spend it so that you won’t end up exhausted. You need to realise that there no better place to call home that your heart. Once you have peace there, then everywhere you go, you will feel like home. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Libra: The Strawberry Full Moon makes you want to travel more, even in short distances, and meet with people you love and care about. This is a very good chance to socialise and expand your circle in order to meet and make some new interesting friends. Close relatives might also be there to help you. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Scorpio: Your finances are right now at stake although the long-term influences seem to favour you as Jupiter is preparing to enter your Zodiac Sign giving your hope and good luck. The Full Moon in the second is an indication that your finances can change dramatically. This may also mean of course that your can find another source of income to help you. Open your eyes! CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Sagittarius: The Full Moon happens in your Zodiac sign and this may only mean one thing. All lights are focused on you! Saturn is only for a little while more in your Zodiac Sign and soon you are going be relieved from his heavy influence. Till then learn how to receive the best from it as Saturn can help you get rid of whatever you wished for. Make the best out of it. Free yourself! CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Capricorn: The Full Moon shines in your heart and shows you, your True Potential. Although right now it seems impossible for you to neglect your true needs what you truly desire, you should try to maintain peace of mind because all this energy my  drive you crazy. Soon your Governor, Saturn, will be in your sign giving you all the power you need to reach for glory. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Aquarius: The Strawberry Full Moon will help you broaden your social activity and become even more popular – if that’s possible. You see, the Moon will make you more enchanting and interesting people will be magnetised by you aura and approach you. It’s a remarkable opportunity to get out and have some fun! CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Pisces: This Full Moon is not gonna get easy on you but it’s going to leave a creative imprint in your life. This energy of the Moon is focused on your career and you will be asked to work more in order to achieve a greater success as this is a very fruitful opportunity to show to your boss or anywhere you want, how good you are ! And we all know… you are wonderful ! CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

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