Your Tarot Card based on Birthday

Your Tarot Card based on Birthday

The tarot has been used as a method of divination for centuries and even modern witches see it as a very reliable tool for predicting the future. Let’s see how we can use this tool in order to identify our personal tarot card according to our day of birth. (Find out here what the day of your birth Means!)

Numerology and Tarot

Birth Numerology and the Major Arcana There are 22 Major Arcana cards and with this numerology method we are going to discover your personal card. Take a piece of paper and write down your birthday in numerical form i.e. 23/02/1980 and add the digits to a sum. In this example it will be 2+3+0+2+1+9+8+0=25 if the number is above 22 (as in our example) then add the digits. In this example 2+5=7. If your personal number is between 1-22 then you do not need to add the digits.

Once you have identified the number look at the tarot cards correspondence below and uncover their personal meaning for you. Tarot cards and their meaning according to your personal number A birth tarot card has a meaning for the individual person as it shows some personality characteristics and helps us understand our personality better.

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Tarot Magic

It is good practice when you are reading the cards of yourself to always put the personal card as a filter in order to see how you evaluate the reading and how you can make the most out of it according to your personality. With that said let’s look at the list of different cards according to your personal birth number and their suggested meanings.

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Always remember that one card is not better or worse than the others and that one’s life encompasses the aspects of all cards. This exercise is done to draw our attention to some aspects of ourselves which may appear as more prominent.

1- The Magician

People that correspond to the magician have a great affinity towards Magic and Arts in general. They put will and skill to transform their lives into what they want. They have a natural tendency to see the bigger picture and to connect with the Universe. The job of the Magician is to make her/his intention a reality and is useful to remind themselves the old motto “As above, so below”. The only downside is that some Magicians lack patience and they want to do everything in one go. It is wise to remind yourselves that Magic as every Art takes its time but will manifest when is ready.

2- The High Priestess

Born under the tarot card of the High Priestess automatically brings mystery in your life. You are interested in the secrets of this world, you have a natural affinity to read signs, especially in dreams, and you understand the importance of that gift. People born under the High Priestess learn how to be patient and how to trust the Divine. On the downside, some people born under her influence can be too introvert with a sense that nobody understands them, moody and can let their emotions rule their lives. Make sure you find the balance in yourself as there is balance in the World that fascinates you.

3- The Empress

People born under her influence enjoy everything physical and the joys of life. They are fascinated by beauty and can make the most sterile situation bear fruit. The Empress is creative, abundant and nurturing making people born under her influence caring and compassionate. On the other hand, the Empress may make some people domineering, possessive and at worst abusive. It is important to focus on your nurturing side and remember to nurture first yourselves before others.

4-The Emperor

People born under the influence of the Emperor are destined for great things and accomplishments. They have a high sense of responsibility and their intention is to bring order out of chaos. In addition, they are protective and have great leadership skills. On the downside, they may appear authoritative, strict and they can learn to ‘rule’ with fear. The biggest secret is to learn to ‘Lead by example’ and always remember to put yourself into the other person’s shoes. Compassion will only make you an astounding leader.

5- The Hierophant

People born under his influence have a natural inclination to work between Worlds and from a metaphysical point of view can make great mediums. In general, they are considered to give great advice and enjoy guiding people through their lives. On the downside, Hierophant people can appear as inflexible and sometimes dogmatic. They need to learn that others do not need to accept the Hierophant’s truth which echoes deeply in their soul but instead find their own.

6-The Lovers

People born under the influence of this tarot card are meant to bring love in everything they do and they are exceptional at looking at the duality of this world the Sun and Moon, Good and Bad etc This trait makes them very accepting people which are not easily shocked by others’ actions but instead have a forgiving nature. On the downside, those born under the Lovers may appear indecisive and also due to their youthful attitude naive and irresponsible. However, the view from a child eyes helps to see the World under a completely different prism, a World with endless joy and mystery to discover.

7- The Chariot

People born under the influence of the Chariot are ever moving, enjoy learning about the World and its great mysteries, they are Warriors and can be very strategic, putting their tactics at work and have a great repository of energy. They are most of the time victorious in whatever they do, as long as they don’t lose heart and abandon the cause which brought them there. On the downside, they can be easily bored and some times they may have control issues- if I am not in charge then things are not going to end well. A great piece of advise is to learn trust and to know that failure is part of life. The moment we fall if we decide to stand up then we are twice stronger than before.

8- Strength

People born under the influence of Strength they are blessed with good health and vigour. They appear courageous and they are the right people you can turn when you need help or simply want to embark on new adventures. In addition, people born under Strength are charismatic and confident. However, people born under the influence of Strength can appear loud and getting into dangerous tasks simply for attention seeking. They need also to learn when and how to exercise their strength, understand their weaknesses and be compassionate to themselves and others. In addition, they will benefit greatly by not being too proud and instead value the power that lies into everything and learn from it.

9- The Hermit

No one has better clarity about things than the Hermits 🙂 Blessed with independence, a brilliant mind and a humble personality they are the people everyone turns to when things turn bad, because they never panic and know that every problem has a solution otherwise there is no problem in the first place. Hermits grow wiser with age and they have a natural affinity to see things to an end. On the downside, they have to learn that there is no reason to be a martyr about everything and that keeping quiet is not always something which is beneficial and under specific circumstances can lead to loneliness. Always remember that there is a fine line between independence and loneliness. Finally, make sure that you find a good way to put your attention to detail to good use and remember that impracticality is an issue in our world.

10- The Wheel of Fortune

Blessed with Luck and an amazing capacity to find joy and excitement in all the experiences they have been through, both good and bad. People born under the Wheel’s influence are considered patient, optimistic and restless flying from experience to experience. They enjoy movement and being stuck in a rut is definitely their worst feeling. Furthermore, they bring intensity in whatever they do, however they may appear as quite dramatic at times. Also, they need to learn that everything in life happens for a reason and they can benefit from past experiences. Whatever happened, happened learn to forgive and forget as the bigger the burden the more difficult is for the Wheel to turn.

11- Justice

Justice people live and breathe to ensure that they know the true nature of everything. Opposite to the High Priestess they want everything to be brought to the light and the worst thing you can do to them is lie to them or play with their expectations. People born under Justice are amazing on seeking perfection, have a great sense of belonging and want to work in this World for the higher good of mankind. However, they can be over analytical or too judgemental especially on aspects of one’s life that they cannot see (usually the emotional aspects). Again, the best advice on how to grow is to learn to be compassionate and forgiving and remember that everyone (including you) makes mistakes.

12- The Hanged Man

People born under the Hanged Man have great insight and are considered capable to find illumination in Life. They have an amazing capacity to make the best out of every situation, if life gives them lemon they know how to make lemonade and guess what it is a good one. They are also very resilient, flexible and can see into the deeper level of things. However, please be careful because people born under the Hanged Man have a tendency to enter into difficult situations because at a subconscious level they believe that the harder the circumstances the greater the reward at the end. Remind yourselves that any form of sacrifice becomes exalted if only it is surrounded with Love.

13- Death

People born under the Death’s influence have a great sense of authority, territory and make great leaders as well. Similar to the Emperor they have a great sense of duty and are fascinated bringing everything mysterious to the light. Masters of the unknown, they seldom know fear. However, Death can invite more chaos into one’s life, at least more than they think they can handle. In addition, their anarchistic perspective of this World may lead them to confusion especially when they cannot understand what kind of Order is the one we have actually created our World upon. Remember that balance is everything, Death is as sacred as Life.

14- Temperance

People born under Temperance are blessed with balance, good temper and a compassionate nature. They learn that everything in this World has a greater meaning and accept that in order for someone to grow wiser they have to drink from all chalices and eat from all plates. They are very friendly, with a high set of morals and enjoy freedom. In addition, they are also very good at communicating with the spirit world. On the downside, people born under temperance may feel unable to cope in situations that take them out of balance or unexpected, and in general are very aversive of conflict. They need to learn that not everything in life can be calculated and need to trust their instincts more as some occasions do not leave enough time for preparation.

15- The Devil

Those born under the influence of the Devil tarot card (you little Devils!) are well known to be rebels, unconventional and with a great sense of humour. They are known for their intensity and are fierce when they are pursuing their goals. In addition, they are also considered to be insatiable, especially when it comes to Earthy delights. On the downside, people born under the influence of this card, need to be careful with addictions and exaggerations of all sorts. It is necessary to remember that everything should be done in moderation (I know it is hard!) and remind yourselves that it requires serenity and calm to think over a situation instead of rushing into it.

16- The Tower

Those born under the influence of the Tower are strong, proud, powerful and daring. Like the Phoenix they have the tendency to reinvent themselves and rise from their ashes even under the most difficult of circumstances. However, they may appear as bad-tempered capable of unleashing thunderbolts of rage when someone steps on their tows. This excessive aspect needs to be tempered as it can lead to dispute and fear. Always remember that a tower is strong and majestic, and even the greatest threat can be tackled when analysed with a cool mind.

17- The Star

People born under the Star are calm, sincere, kind and have a great appetite for romance. Blessed with a charming aura of Magnetism, these unique individuals are also capable to find perfection and beauty in everything. On the downside, people born under the Star may appear to some as ‘out of this world’ or too eccentric (not that this is necessarily a bad thing). In addition, they may appear as distant and not too inclined to get into action which can be seen as laziness (get out of bed you lazy Stars!). The important lesson they need to learn is that things are perfect as they are however, change is always instilled by action.

18- The Moon

People born under the Moon have an affinity for everything mystical, occult, enigmatic. They are blessed with an enchanting aura, nurturing personalities and are able to express their feelings. Usually one of the Signs that a Witch was born, the Moon card brings imagination, fantasy, magic and intuition. On the downside, people born under the influence of the Moon can appear dramatic, ruled by their emotions and carried away by their dreams. It is important to learn to put things into action and remember that things in this world happen by ‘doing’. As a word of advice, try to remain with your head on the clouds but with your feet on the ground.

19- The Sun

People born under the Sun’s influence are always capturing others’ attention. Their shining aura intrigues everyone and their cheerful, youthful and optimistic personality makes everyone feel lighter. People born under the Sun are considered to have good health, longevity and good fortune. On the downside, sometimes they can be seen as frivolous, not taking things too seriously or too optimistic always reassuring that everything is going to end well. They can benefit by listening to others as it will help them get an understanding about how they think, feel and act. They can also benefit by learning how to plan things as they have a tendency to leave everything to last minute (or worse to chance).  Remember that the Sun, does not need to do anything more in order to be admired.

20- Judgement

People born under Judgement are considered to be very good mediums as apparently they have a natural tendency to see between the World of the Living and the Dead. Blessed with the power of awakening they have a natural tendency to create and instil others with energy, hope and optimism. In general, they have a quiet nature until they find what moves them in life, then the energy changes completely and becomes a passionate force. On the downside, they can appear deterministic, tied to the belief that they cannot change their fate. In order, to avoid the pessimistic aspect of you it is important to cultivate patience but remember that for everything to happen there needs to be a start.

21- The World

People born under the influence of the World are spontaneous, confident in themselves and trust the Universe. They are considered to be Old Souls and they appear as self-sufficient with a great attitude towards life, seeking perfection in everything they do. One of the most difficult challenges, people under the influence of the World need to face is that of endings. The end of a relationship, the death of a loved one, the end of an era are difficult to  accept but should act as reminders that with every end comes new beginnings.

22- The Fool

Those born under the influence of the Fool are considered to be New Souls which they have embarked to the Earth Journey (of course that does not mean that they may have lived other lives elsewhere). The fool is seen as the Divine Child and is considered to be searching for meaning in their Life Journey. They are fascinated by everything and get inspired by everything. They bring an energy which always inspires others because helps them see everything under a new prism. Those born under the Fool they are always seeking freedom (Freedom yeh Freedom!) and that can make it difficult to them to commit to stable relationships or even to a place. Their thirst for knowledge is unmeasured, however, they need to remember that the fire of inspiration needs to burn steadily otherwise there is always a chance that it will burn out too quickly.

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