How to Bring a Little Zen to Your Life

The last article I wrote focused on was about how you can raise your own personal vibrations, and today I want to look at another concept to distance yourself from negative energies that can result in being ungrounded or having a low vibration. Welcome to my article on bringing a little Zen into your life.


What does Zen mean?

1) Zen is a Japanese concept that asserts that enlightenment can be achieved through self-contemplation and meditation rather than the confined structures of organised religion. The Zen concept promotes the use of your intuition.

2) Zen also applies to a modern revival of an approach to life that focuses on simplicity rather then complexity or convention thinking in activities, skill or subjects.

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For the purpose of this article I am going with the latter definition. I strive to give you some ideas about how you can streamline and simplify aspects of your life in order to move toward a life that brings you harmony, peace and balance into your life.


14 Ways to Bring a Little Zen into Your Life

  1.  Do one thing at a time – focus your energy on one task at a time. The more you do the less concentration you have to focus on each of the tasks. Confusion and mistakes can happen when you try to do too much at once.
  2. Do a task fully – When you leave things partially complete it will play on your min
  3. Take your time – there is no point in hurrying a task, any mistakes you make will only mean you will have to work harder for longer on a task which could have been completed properly if you’d taken your time.
  4. Don’t pile your plate too high – don’t do things that you don’t have to. By doing your tasks, and only your tasks will free you and your mind.
  5. Have a break occasionally – don’t try to do everything at once. Give yourself time between your tasks to breathe, and drink some water. (Water is important)
  6. Develop a way of working that works for you – create rituals with your time; for example: I’ll do this at 8:20 and I have that to do at 3:15 to 4:25. Or it could be that you do certain things only on a Monday and you pamper yourself on a Wednesday.
  7. Devote and designate your time – give your tasks an allotted time. Don’t give time to a task that sinned needed. Dilly-dallying isn’t your friend.
  8. Give yourself a break – in every meaning of this saying. Take a break from your work or between tasks. Have a cuppa. You are worthy of your time too.
  9. What is a priority – not all your tasks need to be done straight away, prioritise them to ensure your time is effective and not wasted on unimportant things
  10. Don’t complicate everything – some things aren’t complicated but we tend to make things more complex because we think they’d be more valuable. That’s not the case, complications can be a way of wasting valuable time.
  11. Smile – put a smile on your face, there is no point in being a miserable minion. Smiles are infectious, infect someone with your smile today. The more you smile the better you feel inside and the better you feel, you are better able to tackle complex or challenging moments.
  12. Help others – the time you spend on yourself could be better spent on other things, like helping those who really needs help.
  13. Meditate – I’m not taking about sitting down saying Ommmmm, I’m talking about doing tasks such as cooking and cleaning which help your mind to slip into the meditative brain wave. Anything repetitive where your mind can be “free of thought” is classed as meditation. Though the sitting down and saying Ohmmmm works too.
  14. Unplug yourself for a while – nothing can be more distracting and stressful than constantly being “plugged in” to the technical and virtual world. Talk to someone face to face. Laugh. Cry. Interact with actual people in actual places using actual words.

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