A Mantra for Pleasure and Happiness

For one to become divine, one must firstly become happy.


Being humans means that not all our desires have been fulfilled. This might have occurred because of our abilities – or what we thought our abilities were – or our self-restrainment or the external circumstances or because of other individual reasons. Whatever the reason was, there innermost reason is our belief that we weren’t worthy of that pleasure or that we didn’t have the right to ask for it. And also, whatever the reason we didn’t enjoy the desirable pleasure, a resentment may have established itself in us. Here we are going to see a mantra we can use to accept our right to enjoy life and every pleasure it can bring to us.

Using the mantra, and the procedure we’ll be able to live every pleasure we wanted to have lived, on a level, and also we will activate our inner feeling of blissfulness and encourage our lives to become happier.

The mantra practically refers to God Shiva, one of the three Supreme Gods in Hindu religion, but it calls upon him as “The Ever-Blissful One”. Therefore, you can use the mantra calling the help of any divine being you want.

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The procedure:

The Mantra:

So, have a picture or statue of Lord Shiva, or the Deity of your choice. Offer to them incense and whatever you see proper. Then sit and say the following mantra 108 times:

“Om Sadanandaya Namaha”

While doing so, let the Deity awaken in you your inner everlasting blissfulness.

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Healing the Past:

Then close your eyes and think of something you regret for not having experienced. Accept you have the right to wish for it, and you have always had the right to enjoy it. Then enjoy it in your imagination as lively as you can.

Do not let any bitterness spoil your fantasy. Just imagine yourself enjoying the experience and living the pleasure to its fullest.

Many would think sexual pleasures are not proper for such kind of rituals, but the truth is quite the opposite. Sexual instinct is a very basic instinct in humans, and the fulfilment of its desires is very important. Gods don’t judge us for these desires. They want us to be happy in every aspect of our beings, therefore, sexually too. Even more so, Lord Shiva. So feel free to experience the fulfilment of your sexual desires as well.

If the resentment has been healed, all you’ll feel after experiencing this pleasure will be a sense of blissfulness. If this isn’t true, you need to repeat the experience of this pleasure some more times. For better results “live” the experience in a real (past or present) point of time and accept it as a real experience. Don’t think like “I would like to have done this”. Think “I did this”.

For example let’s say you wanted to have made a move on a person and didn’t dare to do so. Go back at that time. See yourself as you were then, and the situation as it was. Then see yourself making the move on that person and see that person reacting the way it makes you feel joyful.

Creating Happiness Here and Now!

When this part finishes, ask yourself or the Deity what pleasure you want to experience now. Then relax and receive the answer. The meaning of this question is to find out a pleasure you want to live today and you can easily experience today.

Then, thank yourself and the Deity. Even better, repeat the mantra for 108 more times.

Make sure you’ll do your best to experience the pleasure yourself or the Deity suggested in this day, to any possible degree.

Repeat the procedure for at least 21 consecutive days and everyday experience a new pleasure in your present life. After the 21 days you can continue daily for as long as you like, or for ever. Alternately, you can decide to do it a particular day of the week and then experience the suggested pleasure as much as you can during the week.

This procedure not only will heal our suppressed resentments and help us experience “small” pleasures in our everyday life, but it will also awaken our ability to accept every pleasure and every joy and attract greater and more fulfilling pleasures in our lives.

That’s it. Have fun and a very happy life!

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