Mind test: Find the iPhone in the Photo in 30”

find the iPhone

Can you find the iPhone in the Photo in 30 seconds? This is a very popular test which has gone viral the previous weeks. And yes, in Magical Recipes Online, we love tests – see some of our Quiz here! 

Find the iPhone

The idea came to Jeya May Cruz when she accidentally dropped her iPhone on this carpet. She miraculously saw her phone literally vanished before her own eyes. Of course the iPhone did not disappear.

spot the iphone

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The iPhone is hidden somewhere in this photo. Thousands of people are puzzled yet only a very small percentage of people manage to locate it! If you do find the iPhone let us know as you are literally amongst the few ones who did find it.

The ability to locate objects like this is considered to be in a high level of difficulty. The ones who find it have a very high iQ. Moreover, this ability is valued in Witchcraft, as these individuals can easily spot spirits interacting with the physic world. So, can you find the iPhone?

Jeya May Cruz via BoingBoing

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