Amun-Ra Zodiac Sign

Amun-Ra Zodiac Sign

Amun-Ra, the Father of All Creation

The first sign of Egyptian zodiac Circle is blessed by the God of creation. His name is Amun-Ra (Ammon-Ra) and it means the invisible – the hidden one. Everything we see, we feel or don’t feel is part of Him. He is the source of all life, the personification of the Sun, as the sun is the source of all life on Earth. 

Traditional Dates of Old Egypt: 

Jan 8 – Jan 21, Feb 1 – Feb 11

Dates after the Greek influence

26 Apr – 25 May

Amun-Ra Zodiac Sign

If you’re born under the influence of the first sign, then you can probably make a good leader as you radiate power strength and nobility. You’re courageous and extrovert and this is why you attract good luck and opportunities. 

However, the overflow of your creative energy can make you anxious and cause troubles in your personal life and co-operations. Due to this energy excess that is identified as the God of all creation, there is no room for adaptability. Stubbornness comes hand-in-hand with the sign of Amun-Ra. Try to maintain your optimism but on the other hand try to become a better listener. 

Symbols – talismans for the Amun-Ra Zodiac Sign: Two vertical plumes, the ram-headed Sphinx (Criosphinx)

Animals. the Ram, the Bull

Colour: Yellow, Golden

Compatibility: Horus and the Nile


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