Isis Zodiac Sign

Isis Zodiac Sign

Isis, the mother of Magic and Goddess of Healing

The loving mother, the mistress of all Magic and Healings. Isis is the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus. Isis magic was so strong that she even managed to bring her wife back to life in order to make their son, Horus. Who pray to Isis? Everyone! The rich, the poor, the master and the slaves, for Isis is the loving mother of all and she is always ready to hear our pleas. Let’s dive into Isis Zodiac Sign wisdom. 

Traditional Dates of Isis Zodiac Sign: 

March 11 – March 31, October 18 – October 29, December 19 – December 31

Dates after the Greek influence

25 February – 26 March

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Isis Zodiac Sign

Those born under the influence of the Great Mother of Magic, have incredible skills which make them invaluable. They will always find a way to get what they want. Even if all the world will tell them otherwise, their resourceful spirit will definitely find a way to accomplish what cannot be accomplished. 

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They are perfect at any relationship (professional or personal) when devoted. If they feel they belong somewhere they will give everything they’ve got to make it better. Their persistence is unimaginable. Truthful and straight forward although they despise conflicts. 

Symbols – talismans for the Zodiac Sign of Isis: buckle of Isis, the throne, the sun disk with cow’s horns,  sycamore tree

Animals: sparrow, cobra, vulture, kite (bird)

Colour: Red, Orange, Gold

Compatibility: Thoth and Osiris 

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