Phoenix Zodiac Sign

Phoenix Zodiac Sign

the Phoenix – Bennu bird, the legendary bird of Sun

Phoenix – Bennu / Benu bird (a heron like bird) is the Soul of Ra. The moment where all Creation starts is when the Bennu bird stood on the Pyramid or the Primeval Mount(Primeval Island), which was evoked from the Eternal Waters. According to the Egyptian Theology, Bennu bird perched a bit on the Pyramid and then he started singing.

Traditional Dates of Old Egypt: 


Dates after the Greek influence

June 25 – July 24

Phoenix Zodiac Sign

Those born under the influence of Phoenix are blessed by their might and stubbornness of the Sun. The Circle of Life lives in them. Thus, they never give up, although they might face a number of problems towards their success and happiness. Their magical essence some times make their goals unrealistic and forces them to ground their thoughts every now and then. 

Thankfully, the Phoenix is blessed by the Sun Himself and this is why those born under His influence are blessed with Good Luck. Sometimes this Good Luck is hidden and these people have to look past the earthly depression to find these opportunities which always seem to accompany them – even in their darkest times. Their caring nature may trap them in toxic relationships who try to take advantage of them. Learning to break free from these kinds of traps is gold.

Symbols – talismans for the Phoenix Zodiac Sign: the Solar disk

Animals: Owl, Ibis

Colour: White, Red, Orange and Black


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