Sekhmet zodiac Sign

Sekhmet Zodiac Sign

Sekhmet, the One before Whom evil trembles

Her name (which is also spelled as  Sakmet) derives from the word “sekhem” which means power, thus most scholars often refer to the Goddess Sekhmet as the “Powerful One” or “the one who is Powerful”. The legend sais that Sekhmet’s fiery breath created the Sahara Desert. Sekhmet was considered a warrior Goddess, fierce and powerful, protectress of everything that is sacred, of the Egyptian borders and the Reign of Pharaohs. For these attributes she is worshipped as “the One before Whom Evil trembles”. 

Traditional Dates of Old Egypt: 

July 29 – Aug 11, Oct 30 – Nov 7

Dates after the Greek influence

27 Nov – 26 Dec

Sekhmet Zodiac Sign

Sekhmet was the one who helped Ra against the primordial Evil. Those burn under her influence are perfectionists and cannot easily feel satisfied with what they’ve created making them very strict judges of themselves and others. They need to loosen up a little bit as perfect is a word not easily applicable in material world. Their powerful ethical system can easily create chaos in them once they get disappointed. 

Moreover, their capacity for love is tremendous and probably this is the key to express all this fiery energy. They make excellent leaders, noble with grace. They have something really enchanting on them. Their mysterious beauty probably comes from within. 

Symbols – talismans for Sekhmet Zodiac Sign: the Solar disk, golden and red aegis (shield – cloth) 

Animal: The Lion

Colour: Red

Compatibility: Geb and Bast 


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