Shu Zodiac Sign

Shu Zodiac Sign

Shu, the Air we breathe

Shu is one of the primordial Egyptian gods. His name, Shu, means “emptiness” and/or “he who rises up”. Shu is the personification of air and space. Married to the goddess Tefnut is one of the nine deities of the Ennead of the Heliopolis cosmogony. He has authority over all Winds as well as clouds and fogs too – which often were considered as Shu’s bones.

Traditional Dates of Old Egypt: 


Dates after the Greek influence

January 26 -February 24

Shu Zodiac Sign

Those born under his influence are extremely clever and have a natural ability to absorb information. Just as the winds cross through all earth and gather information so can they. Also, as the key element is the Air, they have a natural ability to attract and get together with interesting people.  

Their true nature lasts for freedom and independence. On the other hand they always love to have the ability to meet and interact with people. They make great partners when they decide to co-operate or get married. When they decide to be in a serious relationship they bring “the breath of life” in it, making it strong and healthy.

Symbols – talismans for Shu Zodiac Sign: the ostrich feather, Was-sceptre

Animals: ostrich

Colour: yellow, light blue and purple

Compatibility: not available


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