Thoth Zodiac Sign

Thoth Zodiac Sign

Thoth, God of Wisdom

The king of all Wisdom, god of Magic, Divination and all knowledge. As the Lord of the Books and the God of Divine words associated with the arbitration of godly disputes, the arts of magic, the development of science and  of course – the judgment of the dead. 

Traditional Dates of Old Egypt: 

April 1 – April 19, November 8 – November 17

Dates after the Greek influence

29 August – 27 September

Thoth Zodiac Sign

Always willing to help not only with their hands but also with their brilliant minds. Those born under the influence of Thoth are believed to be extremely skilled diplomats and experts in communication of any kind. They make excellent professors and teachers, as well as politicians and lawyers. Everything that requires deep knowledge is a challenge for them that love to take. 

They can solve quarrels and bring peace to everywhere they are although it seems that problems actually seek them to be solved. They moral integrity is strong and cannot be easily bypassed. They are creative, gentle and easily loved and trusted. 

Symbols – talismans for the Thoth Zodiac Sign: Moon disk, papyrus scroll, reed pens, writing palette, stylus,  scales

Animals: ibis and baboon

Colours: Sky blue, silver, white 

Compatibility: Bast, Isis


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