Who Am I ? Astrology Explained

Who Am I ? Astrology Explained

Astrology Explained as a wise art and mighty tool. Primarily known as a form of divination and foretelling the future, Astrology can also be used as a spiritual way. The ways of the Stars can tell us many things about who we truly are, who we were and how will we become in the future. When Explained Astrology can become really helpful.

Astrology Explained and Personality Traits

You already have the chance to read your Astrological Predictions daily – for your sign. If you know your Rising sign – Ascendant or your Moon sign, you are advised to read these predictions too. But why is important to read the Rising sign and the Moon sign ?

The Sun Sign

The Zodiac Sign where the Sun is located shows how the living energy (which is symbolised by the Sun) is channeled in us. The Sun Sign is the most important one as it gives us details on our personality. This is how our life looks like. As Sun is the center of our planetary system we could say that the Sun sign is the center of our personality.

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The Moon Sign

Whilst the Sun sign is what is obvious, the Zodiac Sign where our Moon is, reveals what is hidden from plain sight. It shows our true nature, our hidden desires and feelings. The Moon Sign shows how strong our instincts are along with our intuitional capability. For women, it is considered more important than the sign sign as the Moon represents the female archetype, the Great Goddess. The Moon sign also reveals how we feel about love and romance. (See here more about the Secrets of Zodiac Signs)

The Rising Sign – Ascendant

Although the Sun sign shows the active traits of our personality and the Moon sign the passive – hidden ones, the Rising Signs gives us details on how others look at us. It actually is the “mask” we are wearing towards society.

The more harmonic the Rising sign is with the Sun and Moon sign, the more honest and straightforward we are. If it’s not compatible, we intentionally or unintentionally project an illusion when others meet us. Inevitably, we are misunderstood. In this case, people have to hang out with us much more, in order to understand who we really are.

Let’s taste the Wisdom of Astrology Explained for all of us… tell us who you are!

Who Am I ? Astrology Explained

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