A Healing Meditation technique

A simple meditative technique to enhance your good health and help your healing process

A Healing Meditation technique

There are many researches claiming that the meditative state produces many health benefits. Even more so when we use healing meditation procedures. Here we are going to see a simple technique to help strengthening our good health, or promote the healing, when it is needed. This technique doesn’t focus on the problem. Therefore, it will help for every and any problem, even if we don’t know about it.

Should I remind that, this healing meditation technique, and any other, should not be used in place of traditional medical treatment. Instead, use this technique in combination with the traditional treatment.

The basic Healing Meditation technique:

This simple technique uses the vibration of the colours. We simply create four consecutive lights of different colours, in a particular order, to achieve the best results. You can empower this technique by the use of sounds and incenses if you want. I’m going to give instructions about that below. But, you can use the basic healing meditation technique as is.

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First Ray:

Sit down comfortably. Make sure your clothes, if you are wearing any, are loose. Close your eyes and relax your mind and body. If you want, use the Balancing Breathing exercise.

Then, focus on the Heart Chakra. It is positioned in the centre of the chest. See there a small sphere of white light. Let this sphere expand naturally, until it enfolds your whole body and aura. Don’t force it to do so. Let it follow its own pace.

This will help purify and empower the energies of your body and aura. Your chi, if you prefer. A healthy energy field will help create a healthy body. Of course, if you are under a powerful negative spell, you may need to cleanse that beforehand.

Second Ray:

Without “turning off” this white light, refocus on your Heart Chakra. Now, see there a small sphere of pink light. Once again, let it expand until it enfolds your whole body and aura. Let it do this in its own pace.

This will help healing the emotions. Emotions are concentrated thoughts, even if these thoughts are not conscious. Then, our thoughts create our world, including any health condition. So, even if you want to heal a physical problem, do not avoid this step.

Third Ray:

Again without turning off the pink light, refocus on your Hear Chakra. This time see there a small sphere of green light. Let it expand until it enfolds your whole body and aura. As you know by know, don’t make haste. Let the sphere expand as slowly or quickly as it wants and needs.

This will help healing the natural body. We are material beings as much as we are spiritual ones. Therefore, even if you are dealing with an emotional condition, do not avoid this step. After all, our emotions may have affected our bodies in ways we don’t yet know or understand. So, always heal your body as well.

Forth Ray:

Refocus on your Heart Chakra without turning off the green light. Now, see there a small sphere of golden-red light. As you can imagine, you let this sphere expand, as it wills, until it enfolds your whole body and aura. When this is done, keep your focus on this sphere for as long as you can easily can. Then end your meditation, without turning off this golden light.

This is the final step to secure our good and radiant health. It will also help us attract good, healing vibrations from both the Earthy and the Divine plane.

The use of Sounds to empower the Healing Meditation:

During the whole procedure you can chant the “Om” mantra. The vibrations of Om can help every step.

Alternatively you can use “Sam” for the First Ray, “Mam” for the Second Ray, “Jham” for the Third Ray and either “Om” or “Ram” for the Forth Ray.

You can also use “Om” for initiating the procedure, while relaxing your body and mind. Then use Sam, Mam, Jham and Ram for each ray.

The use of Incenses to empower the Healing Meditation:

Any incenses that helps you concentrate and relax will be helpful. Then again, some incenses can help the healing process even more.

The incense formula named Radiant Health is very compatible with this procedure. Use this if you want to use a formula.

Frankincense has very good therapeutic abilities. As we have seen, the very smell of it is antidepressant, but even more, it is considered by acupuncture to heal and empower the chi.

Myrrh also has very good therapeutic abilities. Once again, according to traditional Chinese medicine, it heals the “blood”. What the tradition Chinese medicine calls blood is not exactly the red fluid in our veins. Think of it as a more material chi. It is a simplification, but it gives the point.

Both Frankincense and Myrrh have purifying abilities. The combination of them two is a very traditional powerful purification agent. Use this combination for both purification and healing.

If you prefer sweeter smells, Gardenia can do a very good job. Jasmine too, especially when we are healing emotions. Carnation will be a good choice if our main focus is healing the body.

So, that’s all. Have fun and always be healthy!

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