December Energy Calendar

December Energy Calendar

We have quite an energy filled start to December. This month Mercury will enter it’s retrograde phase on the same day as the Full moon which is energising everything. Today I have been feeling a little agitated because of the energy that is only a few days away. Mercury has already entered the Rx Zone which means it has some effect on us. Mercury isn’t a negative time, it is a time where we can “shed, shed, shed” as Cheryl put it. The energy we are experiencing at the minute, and will gets stronger is giving us a chance to shed everything that isn’t working. Use the energies as they are meant to be. It’s our fear that makes Mercury a difficult time, so here we go for December…

December Energy Calendar

  • 2nd December – The Moon enters Gemini at 21:20
  • 3rd December – The Full Moon in Gemini at 15:47, Mercury enters Retrograde
  • 4th The Moon enters Cancer at 20:36
  • 5th December – Krampusnacht aka Krampus Night
  • 6th December: The Moon enters Leo at 20:37
  • 8th December – The Moon enters Virgo –
  • 11th December -The Moon enters Libra at 05:00
  • 13th December – The Moon enters Scorpio at 13:58, The Germids Meteor Shower
  • 14th December – Germinds Meteor Shower
  • 16th December – The Moon enters Sagittarius at 01:07
  • 18th December – New Moon in Sagittarius at 06:30, The Moon enters Capricorn – 13:33
  • 21st December – Yule in the Northern Hemisphere at 16:23, Litha in the Southern Hemisphere at 16:23, The Moon enters Aquarius at 02:29, Ursids Meteor Shower
  • 22nd December – Mercury Leaves Retrograde , Ursids Meteor Shower
  • 23rd December – The Moon enters Pisces at 14:41
  • 26th December – The moon enters Aries at 00:26
  • 28th December – The Moon enters Taurus at 06:23
  • 30th December – The Moon enters Gemini at 08:30

Please note that all of these times in Universal Coordinated Time or UTC, you can use this site —-> for looking at what time they are for you

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