How to Raise a Magical Child!

How to Raise a Magical Child!

Raising a child is one of the most demanding yet wonderful tasks someone could undertake. Caring about the well-being and the education of a new individual is a great challenge full of possibilities but also traps. It is a mission that demands great balance.

There is no doubt that children love the world of Magic and Witchcraft. It is in their pure nature to express Intuition, Empathy and a readiness to accept the Unseen. Their intellect has not been yet oppressed by the idea of ill-meant rationality. That is why their imagination is untamed.

So, trying to raise a child in an ambience of magic is in harmony with the spirit of the childhood.

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The Don’ts

We should however take into consideration two problematic points:

  1. There are still so many prejudices against Witchcraft. If your child manifests family’s love for spirituality and magic, it may be confronted with the biases that are widespread in popular culture about mages and witches. This should not mean that you have to silence your beliefs! But it may be wiser to avoid using statements such as “mummy is a witch” and the like. Let your acts speak, children will sense the magic anyway. When they will grow older, they will be assertive about their identity.
  2. Don’t get pushy about your ideals and practices. Children, especially adolescents, may react to your parental authority. Never make magic an obligation! This is not only futile, but it may have the opposite outcome to what you strive for.

And the Dos

Parenting is a creative process. What it demands is adaption to the character of every child. Some kids may prefer playing outdoors, while others may love reading. The parents should observe the proclivity of their offspring and encourage it.

Here is a list of steps you can take to raise your little beloved one in a witchy way.

Teach them to respect and embrace nature

The essence of Pagan and Wiccan tradition is the connection with Mother Nature and her powers. This cannot be a theoretical discussion with our kids. We should go out and show them how every flower blossoms or how wisely even the tiny insects are “designed”. Let them speak and caress a tree. Tell them about the spirits that dwell in it. Inform them how ancient the water is on the earth and what memories it carries. Present nature as what it actually really is, a theatrical stage full of Magic.

Besides, as we saw in this article, the contact to nature is important for children in order to strengthen their immune system. Nature is wise and living away from her is abnormal. Therefore raise their awareness about the importance of nature.

Enhance their imagination and enthusiasm

The child’s brain creates limitless images and scenarios. This can be a source of inspiration for the parents as well. Children correlate things and situations between them in a way that we lose as adults. Let them express their thoughts loudly and let them show what fascinates them. In fact, there is a lesson that the kids can teach us.

Trust their intuition

Children have not been yet imbued by the spirit of egoism and greed. From a point of view, they are wiser than the adults. Their empathy and intuition are stronger because of their purity.

Due to this purity, children are closer to the spiritual world. Haven’t you heard children speaking about their imaginary friends, being sure these are next to them? Maybe there is an angel or a fairy that contacts them. Our rationality blocks this communication, but children have faith.

Do some dreamworking with your children

For children, dreams are realistic also after they wake up. Dreams are the voice of our soul and sometimes a profound wisdom. While an adult will pay less attention to a dream, for a child this can be a sort of revelation about its desires or fears. It may also be a call from the spiritual world.

Whenever your child refers to dream when it wakes up, spend some time to listen to it. You will understand more about your own kid and it will trust you its inner thoughts. It can be a revealing process for both you that will strengthen your emotional connection as well.

Perform Rituals next to them and teach them Spells

As we said before, don’t force your children into Paganism and Witchcraft. Actions speak louder than words. We all know that children are curious and love imitating their parents. Take them with you to a ritual of your community. Let them see and touch the tools of magic, your altar, your crystals, your magic mirror. Give them a candle and oils to smell and to play. On this site, you can also find fabulous spells for children that you can practice together. This is will be tremendous fun for them.

Don’t neglect them!

No matter how gifted a child is, it will not be able to unfold its capacity without you stimulating its creativity. It is understandable that parents are often very exhausted from the daily work load. Yet, it is a pity to let your child in front of a screen eating junk food so that you enjoy some quiet time. This will ruin your kid’s potential.

Go out and play with your kid whenever you have the opportunity. Read tales and other stories to it, every single day. Tell them about deities and mythology. Find some interesting games to play or turn Witchcraft into a game for it! Listen to nice music with it. Dance, sing, paint, construct. But don’t neglect it. You will be afterwards proud and happy with the result.



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