Invoking the Healing Power of the Sea

Invoking the Healing Power of the Sea

Earth is the Blue Planet. Those few astronauts who were lucky to see upon it from the skies can gaze at the blue marble that shines in the darkness of the universe. Earth`s shining color is owed, of course, to the omnipresence of water on the globe. 71% of our planet is covered by saline water. Without the dominance of the Oceans, life would not be possible. The sea is for Earth exactly what water is for a human body. Besides, we should think of the Earth as a living organism.

Out of 193 countries, 145 have access to the sea, while 48 are landlocked. Surely, this does not mean that the whole population can enjoy the access to the sea front. And it is pity enough that people living away from the sea may not make efforts to get there, either because it is too expensive for them to travel or because they do not feel the urge to do so. We do not appreciate what we have not experienced. Consider also cases like in Arab countries where women live close to a coast, but they cannot enjoy the sea for religious or “moral” reasons.

Living by the seaside is beneficial for our mental health

If you then belong to the privileged minority that can daily walk by the seaside, rejoice! You have the chance not only to enjoy great views but also to improve your mental health. Although it is quite self-evident that contact to nature is advantageous in many aspects, researches confirm that sea can boost our health in four ways:

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1. Sea air helps us sleep better. The air close to the seaside is soothing and makes our body relax. Moreover, the sound of the wave is a wonderful “lullaby”.

2. The sea can destress and inspire us. Regions close to a coastline are generally more scenic. They could arouse inspiratory thoughts and emotions in us. And we tend to associate them with holidays or other blissful moments.

3. She motivates us to take up some exercise. Running along the coast, go swimming or fishing, the sea offers so many opportunities to engage in physical activity. Working out in turn will ameliorate our mood.

4. The sea is more relaxing than a forest. According to this study, living close to the sea is preferable in order to fight negative, depressing thoughts.

A small example of how inspiratory the power of the sea can be, read the words of the Turkish Poet Nâzım Hikmet:

The most beautiful sea:

                   hasn’t been crossed yet.

The most beautiful child:

                   hasn’t grown up yet.

Our most beautiful days:

                   we haven’t seen yet.

And the most beautiful words I wanted to tell you

                   I haven’t said yet…

And listen to the wonderful song of Björk:

Invoking the Magic of the Oceans

Along with the obvious benefits that a seaside can offer, the power of the oceans can go beyond relaxing. The Greek historian Thucydides wrote that “the dominion of the sea is a great matter”. When on a coast, we connect ourselves with the enormity of all Seas and Oceans. One could say, this is mere geography. Yet, let this sink in for a while: if you had the means to travel, you could sail off from the smallest, secure bay to the most distant point of the open sea.

This is an amazing fact that we should transfer to a spiritual level, not only metaphorically but in a literal way. When close to the sea, we should connect with her enormity and her tremendous energy. This could be done, when we deliberately invoke her powers. Therefore, we should establish a connection to her that goes deeper than a usual vacation sojourn by her side.

If you are fortunate enough to be by the seaside, find an evening to go alone to a coast. It is much preferable to visit a place where you can see and hear the waves.

Select a Sea Deity, preferably a benevolent female one. When it comes to the Sea, our mind goes to Yemaya, the Lady of all Seas in Yoruba culture. She is an orisha and the mother of all orishas, who combines grace with power. Thus, she is a spirit of great importance and the most appropriate to summon with great reverence.

If you will be close to the sea, wear clothes of light colors. If it is not too chilly, wear something that permits to the wind to go through your body.

Stand in front of the sea and synchronize your breath with the waves. Do so in a meditative way. If possible, choose the hours of dawn or dusk. Afterwards, think about how enormous the sea is. You can imagine you are sailing off to a distant land. You can think of all creatures living in her or the very beginning of life billion years ago.

Then, invoke Yemaya and the healing powers of the seas with these words:

“Yemayá, Mother of all seas, Lady of the Oceans, let the waves break into my soul, make my spirit enormous as the ocean and let my thoughts be inspired by the endless motion you cause.”

At the end, keep on meditating for a couple of minutes in the sound of the waves.

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