Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn, June 28 2018

Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn, June 28 2018

On the 28th of June at 04:53 UT the Moon from Capricorn opposes the Sun in Cancer forming the Strawberry Full Moon. This is not a usual full moon as the aspects are pretty strong, creating a rather ‘explosive’ cosmic vibe. This is the beginning of an extremely interesting yet challenging to the point of troubling period which will lead us to the time of multiple Eclipses in the middle of the Summer. 

Strawberry Full Moon’s Magic

But first things first. Let’s see a couple of things about this beautiful Strawberry Full Moon from the Magical Full Moon guide of 2018. For many tribes this is the peak of the Strawberry picking season. This is the time when we feel right and full. Fruits and heat are the keywords defining the era of the Strawberry Moon. Our fertility spells have worked miracles and now we taste the results of them. The nights are going warmer and stronger. 

General Predictions for the Strawberry Full Moon

However, this particular strawberry full moon makes things pretty hard yet interesting. For starters, the Moon conjuncts with the Kaus Borealis, a fixed star in the Archer’s bow constellation which has a mixed Jupiter/Mars quality. This specific star is believed to promote justice and cause mental stimulation. Hence, this Strawberry Full Moon is going to give a sense of justice, humanism and idealism. The Spirit of Earth seems to be risen seeking for the Truth. 

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Full Moon conjuncts with Saturn, the Planet of Witches

Moreover, this Strawberry Full Moon receives the cold touch of Saturn – who is actually retrograde, like this was not enough. You see where I’m going with this. Things are going to get pretty tough here in the material plane. But what about the Magical Plane? 

Reality may break our hearts so the more grounded we are the more we are going to receive in this Full Moon. However, this is a great time to work your magic as magical energy is on the loose. Saturn is ‘the Planet of Witches’. Never forget that. Full Moon and Saturn opens the Gates of Power. The only question is what are you going to do about it? 

On June 28th, the Night of the Strawberry Full Moon, Saturn the Planet of Witches will align with with Great Lady of the Night opening the Gates of Power.

Moreover, Mars just began his retrograde course, giving this Full Moon a sense of hidden feelings urging to come on the surface. Self-expression is suppressed and anxiety kicks in. 

On the other hand, Venus quincunx with Neptune makes a promising night for Magical endeavors. Karma strikes back, but in a rather sweet and balancing way. Something that was meant to come and delayed will find a way back in your heart and your life. What this may be depends on your Karmic background, yet everyone is going to face this obvious Karmic impact. 

  • Predictions for All Zodiac Signs

Aries: Focus on Career & Let Love will heal your heart

The first zodiac sign is deeply affected by this Strawberry Full Moon. As the Full Moon occurs in the tenth house of your solar horoscope, career and all advances that have to do with your job and the relations with your supervisors and customers are affected.

In the next couple of days you’ll be asked to face more responsibilities that you are ready to. However, love is here to heal your heart as Venus will try to make things better giving you a huge blast of happy energy. 

Taurus: Evolution and Passionate Nights

This Strawberry Full Moon seems to favor your Zodiac Sign. For starters, you are going to have the opportunity to reach for greater status in your life. Education and mystical knowledge will help you wake your spirit up. Your feel magical and spiritually awakened. 

Moreover, your Governor, Venus is about to make your nights magical. Your home will be a source of healing, love and affection and you are going to love it even more. It may also mean that you are about to move to a new house or enjoy a re-decoration. 

Gemini: Changes and New situations

Although you’ve been struggling with your financial status, the last weeks you’ve felt that change is coming to balance things. Moreover, you are probably going to find new ways to increase your income although around the Strawberry Full Moon expenses may not be easily controlled. 

Also, change is coming as something inside you seems to be awakened. You are about to experience a magical awakening as your powers strive to reach your consciousness. Do you feel it too?

Cancer: With Great Power come Great Responsibility

Yeah thats true. The next couple of days you are feel this power coming and dominating your life. You may already feel it as the planets have been working for this project for so long. It seems to be all about you and you deserve it. However, this is also a time you need to be patient and don’t let your strong emotions cloud your judgement. 

Although this seems to be extra difficult, as you are a highly emotional zodiac sign, you need to find a way to calm the tides which come from your heart. You did pay a high price but right now, Cosmos seems to favor you, although this is not actually obvious enough yet. 

Leo: Love, Beauty and Healing

This Strawberry Full Moon talks about healing and affection. You see Venus is in your sign, giving you light, love and a weird sense of satisfaction. You glow and charm every around you. This glamour effect prompts you also to take a look inside and find a way to glow with this charming light forever. What makes you glow tonight?  

Moreover, this is a Full Moon which affects your everyday life. It is a chance to look what you might be doing wrong in your routine and chance the way you interact with your body. Heal what needs to be healed. 

Virgo: Peace and Love

This Strawberry Full Moon focuses on enjoyment and love. During the next days you are going to feel the touch of Moon igniting your will to go out and have some fun! Flirting becomes stronger and love more intense. You reach what you desire and you become luckier to finally get it. 

Moreover, your governor will help you get in touch with friends and maybe dramatically expand your social circles making your everyday life much more interesting. Moreover, Venus will try to heal your heart and help you make peace with the past. Let love prevail. Let love and healing flow in you. 

Libra: Home, Work and Troubles

This is a very powerful full moon for you Libra. All the energy of this cosmic event is focused on your home, your family and secondarily in your career. During the next days you are going to feel this energy in your home, never letting you rest. Probably it’s something you voluntarily decided (are you moving out or may are you redecorating?) but the truth is that no matter who decided it, things are getting serious. 

Pay some extra attention to your family and look after your health. My advice is to find a way to ground your emotions and disconnect from all that brings out your rage. Meditate and bless your home. 

Scorpio: Friends are family

During the time of the Strawberry Full Moon you are going to feel your friends closer – in your heart – than ever. Do you miss them? Have you neglected them? This is the right time for you to reach out for them and finally make things right. 

Moreover, it seems that a lot of tension has been added in your home and you need to make peace with what irritates you or find a way to get rid of it forever. The night of the Full Moon you are probably not going to sleep enough due to this excessive power but you can always use this energy to charge your wishes!

Sagittarius: Money and Growth

Although this Full Moon is kinda neutral for you, at the same time it is so strong that can bring our great opportunities and challenges. Money and your financial status are going to be affected by the light of the Strawberry moon. It feels that you somehow find a way to successfully manage your bank accounts balance. Moreover, it feels like you are able to find a better and more fruitful job or even get a raise / promotion in what you already do. 

If I could leave you with one thought however, is that right now Karma have set something great in progress which is going to be fulfilled in few months from now. You just can sense it but it is not near yet. Better days are coming. Until then, go out and have some fun because this full moon favors it! 

Capricorn: ALL Lights on You! 

This Strawberry Full Moon occurs in your Zodiac Signs and this is – FINALLY – the time to show what you’ve got! Full Moon along with your governor brings out a shiny look although deep inside pain resides.  When a Full Moon happens in your Zodiac Sign, is an omen of absolute power! However, great power comes with great responsibility.

Although during the next days – along with the Waxing Moon, anxiety may kick in – unexpectedly or not – you should try to find balance between your expectations and reality. Try to meditate and ground your energy in order to repel the excessive energy. Moreover, Uranus the planet of changes will give you the chance to work all this energy for your benefit. All you have to do is keep calm and wait for your chance! 

Aquarius: A Full Moon wakes up your Spirit

This is true. Due to the fact that the Full Moon occurs in your 12th solar house, your magical and intuitive power are on the loose. You are probably going to experience vivid and powerful dreams which probably try to give a hint for what’s about to happen. Your traditional governor, Saturn conjuncts with the Full Moon making this time extremely important for you. 

Moreover, Mars just began his retrograde course, in your sign suppressing your self-expression and delaying your dreams. You have to be patient for rushing doesn’t seem to favor you right now. Keep calm, slow down and enjoy the ride! 

Pisces: Friends are here but they need your Attention

Something weird is happening with your friends making you wonder whether you lost your mind or them! However, this is also a chance to filter your relationships and decide which ones passed the test or not. You don’t necessarily need a lot of friends, but you need good ones! 

Moreover, your traditional governor Jupiter is about to end his retrograde course giving you hope to stand up and fight back. You feel change is coming and steadily you find again yourself. Opportunities are going to knock your door. Be ready to welcome them properly! 

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