Express Grounding Technique

Express Grounding Technique

This Express Grounding Technique is designed for all of us who are drowned to the modern way of living, having to deal with stressful and un-natural situations. Hence, for most of us. You see, we are not made to work 12 hours daily and rush in our works. We are spiritual beings who should learn how to break free from the heavy emotions of the Realm with meditation and fun activities. 

It is well known from all the alchemists who ever lived, that this Realm is pretty heavy and thick. Thus it doesn’t allow much ‘magic’ in it. Especially nowadays when we are all forced to work more than we’ve ever worked as mankind and disconnect from all spiritual, magical and philosophical source. Witches howerver, are here to set us free. 

What is Grounding?

As already analysed in ‘Benefits of Grounding & How To Do It…” Grounding is the process in which we maintain an appropriate amount of energy by releasing any excess energy and sending it back to the earth – a good analogy would be like your house dismissing excess electricity. Grounding is a necessary release of energy that accumulates from a variety of sources that you come in contact with through your daily activities.

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Why Grounding? 

Due to all mistakes and exaggerations of the Modern Living express grounding technique is needed when things get out of our hands. Anxiety is the modern cancer. This is what crushes our Morale and suppresses our magic. Express grounding technique is needed when: 

  • When dealing with Black Magic, curses or the Evil Eye. 
  • Or maybe, when we’ve just completed a Ritual.
  • Maybe when things get weird in magic!
  • When Anxiety and depression kicks in. 
  • If we feel ‘disconnected’ from our body or the World we live in. In other words when reality doesn’t feel so real after all.
  • When we want to start meditating! Focusing on now!

Why Express Grounding Technique?

Because it’s actually really really easy and can be done in few seconds giving us the best results in such short time. The more we practice it, the more we focus on Present, the more we focus on now! This is actually something really important in magic.

Express Grounding Technique

How to Perform the Express Grounding Technique!

You don’t even have to close your eyes. Or maybe just for few seconds taking few breaths. If you are able, try to perform the ‘Hatha Yoga Balancing Breathing Exercise‘, if not just go on! Look around you and try to identify and tell: 

  • 5 things you can See. (What do you see first? Name these five things or people!)
  • 4 things you can touch. (What can you touch? Name four things or people.)
  • 3 things you can hear. (What do you hear? Name these three sounds.)
  • 2 things you can smell. (Now, what do you smell? Name these two scents!)
  • 1 thing you can taste. (Finally, what can you taste? Anything at all!)

That’s it! You should feel better by now! 

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