Cord Cutting Spell – How to Repel Negative People and Contacts

Cord Cutting Spell - How to Repel Negative People and Contacts

We’ve all been through the same situation over and over again. People can be good, people can be great, yet sometimes people can entrap us in a never-ending circle of pain and sorrow. This is something we should avoid and/or heal if possible. Yet what we need to understand is that it’s ALWAYS US who invited this in our lives. Hence, we need a Cord Cutting Spell which can free us from this pain we self-inflicted. 

How to Repel Negative People and Contacts 

Well, as already explained to stop these contacts we initially need to stop inviting them in our lives. It may sound stupid yet it’s usually true. Pain can be addictive for a hurt soul. We need to understand that these stimuli are useless and we’ve learned our lessons. Therefore, we are now free to move on.

We are done with self-pity and regrets. It’s time to heal ourselves. Remember, Healing ourselves is the most noble thing to do as we are part of a global network. Healing this part is to heal the World itself.

Now, let’s get back to this. As we’ve analysed in ‘Collaborating with the Universe’ questions like ‘why is this still happening to me?’ may be answered with though patterns we keep on using. So, first things first. Let’s think if, in any way we actively attract these situations in our lives. Be honest because this is the greatest beginning. 

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Cord Cutting Spell Stats

When: During Waning Moon – it’s the time we change our luck. 

Where: At home or anywhere you feel secure. 


  • 1 cup dead sea salts – or regular sea salt
  • 1 small fluorite stone (any size would do) 
  • some white sage and/or frankincense smudge 

The Cord Cutting Ritual: 

Step one. 

Gather all ingredients.

Get the cup with the salt and visualise a white light descending from the heavens into the bowl. Each salt crystal shining from the light of Heavens, full of love and approval.

Step two.

Throw yourself a hot bath. The temperature should be as comfortable as possible. Dissolve the Salt. You’ve just created a sacred lake for you. Get into the water carefully. 

Step three. 

Take the fluorite (check out more powers of this and other crystals here) and keep in the center of your chest visualising that now the light from the enchanted bath you created. Everywhere around you shines the same light of love and acceptance. Therefore, fluorite is activated and starts the healing process. 

Now visualise all negative cords beginning from you or heading towards you melting. The cords are now breaking apart. You are free. 

Step four. 

Time for chanting. Murmur 3 times the sacred words enjoying the water: 

Water full of Love, 

Magic Light from above, 

banish all pain and dark,

Bless my body, bless my heart!

Step five. 

Complete your bath. And while naked let some smudging smoke carefully on yourself. (Common sense should always be followed when dealing with fire.) Let the smoke cleanse your body and aura. Keep the fluorite with you. Repeat for 3 nights. 

Let us know how good were the results. 

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