Magic Gestures – the powers of Secret Body Language 

Magic Gestures - the powers of Secret Body Language 

We are always insisting on the fact that Magic does not have to be complicated. In fact, even the simplest things will do the trick. Thus you don’t need fancy or exotic tools to be successful in your practice. You just need a clear mind and strong focus. All you need is you. After the amazing success of the Magic Mudras – three hand gestures for magical power – we decided to give you more simple magical gestures. However, this time, these magic gestures are applied not only in the ancient tradition of India, but all over the World.

Sacred Body Language 

Everybody talks with more than a mouth. We move, we smile, we smirk or use non-verbal ways to communicate with others. Therefore we do talk with our hands. Keep in mind that verbal communication is much more recent than our body language which is really really ancient. It is believed that if you speak to an audience and people don’t see your hands, they tend to disapprove your message and/or not believe you. 

We instinctively move our hands and make gestures according to what we think or we say. In addition, when we make certain gestures we tend to think with a very specific way. This is why we need them in magic. Because once we strike a pose, our energy begins to vibrate differently. 

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Magic Gestures

Gestures are in fact symbols. And symbols are magically powerful because they instinctively correlate to our heart code. What we are going to tell will instantly make sense to you. However, don’t think less of these gestures, because most of the times, simplicity is the key to successful Witchcraft. 

Of course these simple gestures have much more power if combined with focus and visualisation. The stronger the focus and the more vivid the visualisation, the more results you will see. Furthermore, the key for these gestures is repeating them frequently, until they are stored deep in your soul. 

1.  Gesture of the Sky

You are one with world around you, one with Cosmos. This is the most fundamental Truth anyone learns after initiation. However, most of the times, due to our mundane daily schedules,  we forget our divine roots. This is a gesture which re-connects us. So Hands up in the sky!

Gesture of the Sky

  • Raise your hands over your head. 
  • Palms should face the sky. 
  • Now please close your eyes.
  • Breathe naturally. 
  • With every breath, you inhale energy of the Sky. 
  • Absorb the power of Sun, if it’s day and see your body shining with Vitality.
  • Or absorb the power of the Moon, if it’s night and you want to refuel your Magical Power. 
  • Naturally, you can also absorb the power of the Stars and all Celestial powers, in a moonless night.

2. Gesture of Earth

It’s really common to get lost in details of our everyday life. Frankly, most of the witches work, and this naturally distracts us from Witchcraft from times to time. All this anxiety can block our energy centers. Moreover, sometimes, Witchcraft itself can be overwhelming, and a spell can actually freak us out. Although there is much we can do – see what what to do when magic gets creepy – the easiest way to ground yourself is by this simple hand gesture. So, Hands on the Ground! 

gesture of earth

  • Extend your arms towards the ground like stretching. 
  • Now, relax your arms. 
  • Sit down comfortably. 
  • Then please touch the ground with palms facing the ground. 
  • Breathe naturally.
  • Visualise that all excessive energy goes back to Mother Earth. She knows what to do with it. 

*see more about grounding tips here! 

3. Shielding Gesture

Sometimes, we face people or circumstances in our lives which are needed to stop affecting us immediately. Although it’s not always possible to banish them from our lives, we certainly can try it through magical means. This simple gesture is designed to help us shield ourselves from their energy.

Shielding gesture

  • Extend your arms towards you like stretching. 
  • Now your palms should face away from your body. 
  • The centers of your palms are synchronised creating a magical force field. 
  • Thus, this posture cuts you off from external energies and entities. 

4. Divine Gesture

It’s one of the most common gestures used worldwide in sacred rituals. Also known as Añjali Mudrā, Namaste gesture or praṇāmāsana is a hand gesture, associated with prayer. It’s as a sign of respect and a greeting in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and Indonesia, also used among East Asian Buddhists, Taoists and Shintoists and amongst yoga practitioners and adherents of similar traditions. The gesture is incorporated into many yoga asanas. The gesture is also used for worship in many Eastern religions.

Añjali Mudrā, Namaste gesture or praṇāmāsana is a hand gesture, associated with prayer.

  • Bring your hands together.
  • The palms should gently be placed against one another (in front of the heart chakra).
  • Now the fingers should point upwards.
  • Furthermore, try to lengthen your spine while sitting comfortably straight.

5. Pointing Gesture

In magic we often need to focus our energy towards one object or person. To do so we often use our magic wands and/or athames (ritual blades). However, not all of us are equipped with magical instruments. On the other hand, most of us have hands and fingers to use in our practice. Pointing and charging could be a great way to direct your magical energy. The pointing gesture is also known as Prana Mudrā. As its name implies, prana mudra is used to alleviate our energy. Thus, the name derives from the Sanskrit word ‘prana’ which means the “life force” or “energy”.

Pointing Gesture

  • Extend your arms towards you like stretching. 
  • Now the ring finger, little finger and thumb should touch the palm.
  • While the middle and index fingers are extended forward .


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