Uranus in Taurus: March 2019 - July 2025

Uranus in Taurus: March 2019 – July 2025

Uranus is known as the Planet of Changes. He has a mixed reputation as it is believed to be capable for both miracles and deadly accidents. In any case, Uranus is considered to play a very important role in everybody’s life. He is a harbinger of intense changes and every astrologer pays much attention to his aspects. Uranus is the Governor of Aquarius and he has energies similar to Mars although of a higher octave. Since 2010, Uranus was in Aries. Now has moved. Since yesterday, Uranus in Taurus is already changing forever some things we thought would never change.

Uranus in Taurus!

From March 06, 2019 until July 07, 2025 Uranus in Taurus will change many things in our Material Plane because Taurus symbolises the Earth and Ecology. Thus, the new position will:

  • Bring important change in our physical environment
  • Cause many intense and sometimes catastrophic physical phenomena
  • Shock the global financial system
  • Find cures involving sexually transmitted diseases
  • Promote eco-friendly technology 
  • Explore new ways to counter pollution 

That been said, let’s see how each sign is going to feel this change! 

Aries: Change your Value System

This is not an easy position for Uranus. For the next 7-8 years, the planet of changes will alter your value system. What is important for you right now, may later be dismissed as useless. Moreover, many important changes are going to take place in your financial status. Rapid money loss or extreme gain is part of Uranus’s schedule. However, what the planet is trying to tell you is that we should always stick to whats really important. Detach from the material world! 

Taurus: Awakening Time

Uranus is called the planet of changes but also he has the reputation of the Awakener. Right now, he works on making you more confident and free. With Uranus by your side you will understand how important it is for you to be free from everyone and everything that keeps you behind. Frankly, this feels against your nature but as the time goes by you will realise how good is this effect on you. Everyone around you notices this change! You look different and you like it!  

Gemini: A peculiar Time

With Uranus messing with your unconscious I can only promise you that you won’t get bored. The planet of changes is working with your subliminal stimuli, trying to change the way you instinctively process each information. Of course, this comes with a price. There will be times that you need to be alone, so that you can achieve peace of mind. These diverse forces inside you can inspire and help you a lot, if you have the guts to look into the truth. Let Uranus do his divine work! Trust the Universe!

Cancer: New Horizons

There were 9 years of intense changes in your professional life. Thankfully that’s over. Now, Uranus moves towards a much more auspicious position, helping you broaden your social horizons. Anything related with friends, social circles and technology is favoured. Your brain works overtime and your communication skills are divine! Last by not least, your personal magnetism is empowered! 

Leo: Career Paths

This is a new era for your life as the Planet of Changes affects a very important part of your life – your career. For the next 8 years your professional life will not feel stable at all. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as opportunities await for you as long as you are ready to see them! So, please make sure you are not overreacting about changes happening in your career. Instead, face them with courage and self-confidence because ‘sky is the limit’ for you. 

Virgo: A New Era in Life

There was some pretty peculiar years, those last 9, right? Well, you’ve undergone a ‘transformation’ face my dear. Many things changed. Now things seem so much different since this began in 2010. Now you are more confident and Uranus in this place will help you achieve success in unconventional ways. Anything related with the internet, education and/or long-distance travelling is favoured! 

Libra: Rebirth from your ashes

You’ve been so much, especially regarding your relationships, both personal and professional. You’ve also faced some serious legal matters, but you’ve made it through. Now it’s time to get yourself together and burn the pain and sorrow of the past. Dig deep and find these parasitic emotions. For the next 8 years you will have the chance to forge a better and stronger self. Follow your guts. Energy doesn’t lie.


Scorpio: You are not alone!

The past nine years were truly unpredictable regarding your daily schedule. Ever changing environments, changing places, means of transportation or even jobs! Well now this is over. For now on, the focus turns towards your relationships and the troubles that may lurk in this part of your life. However, some things need to change on how you interact with others. However, don’t jump to conclusions. Be sure before you act! 

Sagittarius: Nothing stays the same! 

A new era in your life has just begun! The thing is that no one can predict how each day will go with Uranus influencing your sixth solar house. Therefore, you may find yourself changing in a very intense way. Moving from house to house, from job to job or changing entirely your lifestyle are some of the things that probably happen. However, this is not something that you necessarily receive as a bad or challenging situation. 

Capricorn: Smile! 

The new position of Uranus promises a new era in your life with many thrilling experiences. For the next eight years you will discover new – unexpected ways, that can bring joy to your life. It is very possible to give birth to a child too. Moreover, flirting becomes more instinctive and your personal magnetism becomes much more powerful. Learn new ways of pleasure and remember to keep balance! 

Aquarius: Home is where your heart is!

This is probably a challenging time for you dear Aquarius, as your governor’s new position will shake the ‘roots’ of your home. However, don’t panic because this can actually be a very good opportunity for you to make things better in a troubled part of your life. Uranus in Taurus, will help you focus on creating a stable and fertile base for your life to bloom. Although you do need to pay attention to your family and your home, you also need to find some quality time for yourself and rest properly! 

Pisces: Creativity Boost

Well, we’ve got news for your dear Pisces. This is actually a very interesting new time of your life. Your mind works overtime and new ideas are stuck in your brain. Combined with your natural incline for the unknown, you may create miracles! So this is indeed a new time for you, as you will be exposed to new worlds. You will feel the need to move out of your comfort zone and try things you never thought you would. However, always choose healthy risks. 

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