May Energy Calendar

May Energy Calendar

I have to admit May is one of my favourite months because you can see nature bloom and blossom, which give me a strong sense of hope for the future; because I know no matter how long the winter is, spring always comes. This is a powerful message that we can all take away this month, that during the dark times, the light is always going to come.

The Birthstones for May include EMERALD for the Month of May. SAPPHIRE, AMBER, CORAL, EMERALD and ROSE QUARTZ for the sign of Taurus. AGATE, CHRYSOPRASE, CITRINE, MOONSTONE, PEARL and WHITE SAPPHIRE for the sign of Gemini.

The Names for the Moon in May include:
* Colonial American – The Milk Moon
* Cherokee Native American – The Planting Moon
* Choctaw Native American – The Pather Moon
* Sioux Native American – The Moon when Leaves are Green
* Celtic – The Bright Moon
* English – The Hare Moon
* Neo-Pagan – The Grass Moon

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Now; lets get the this month’s energy calendar.

* 1st May:
– The Moon enters Aries at 11:23
– BELTANE in the Northern Hemisphere
– SAMHAIN in the Southern Hemisphere

* 3rd May:
– The Moon enters Taurus at 09:47

* 4th May:
– The NEW MOON in Taurus at 23:45

* 6th May:
– The Moon enters Gemini at 04:39

* 8th May:
– The Moon enters Cancer at 10:06
– The Time of Horus Ends (Egyptian Zodiac)

* 9th May:
– The Time of Anubis Begins

* 10th May:
– The Moon enters Leo at 14:13

* 12th May:
– The Moon enters it’s FIRST QUARTER in Leo at 20:12
– The Moon enters Virgo at 17:21
– The Month of the Cow Ends (Celtic Animal Zodiac)
– The Month of Willow Ends (Celtic Tree Zodiac)

* 13th May:
– The Month of the Seahorse Begins (Celtic Animal Zodiac)
– The Month of Hawthorn Begins (Celtic Tree Zodiac)

* 14th May:
– The Moon enters Libra at 19:50

* 16th May:
– The Moon enters Scorpio at 22:25

* 18th May:
– The FULL MOON in Scorpio at 22:11

* 19th May:
– The Moon enters Sagittarius at 02:20

* 20th May
– The Month of Taurus Ends (Traditional Zodiac)
– The Month of the Beaver Ends (Native American Zodiac)

* 21st May:
– The Moon enters Capricorn at 08:56
– The Moon enters Gemini Begins (Traditional Zodiac)
– The Month of the Deer Begins (Native American Zodiac)

* 23rd May:
– The Moon enters Aquarius at 18:49

* 26th May:
– The Moon enters Pisces at 07:07
– The Moon enters it’s LAST QUARTER in Pisces at 17:33

* 27th May:
– The Time of Anubis Ends (Egyptian Zodiac)

* 28th May:
– The Moon enters Aries at 19:31
– The Time of Seth Begins (Egyptian Zodiac)

* 30th May:
– Pallas Athene Leaves Retrograde

* 31st May:
– The Moon enters Taurus at 05:42

I do hope this calendar is going to help you navigate this month’s energy. As always the times shown above are in UTC and you can use to convert UTC to your own timezone.

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