Fortuna, Goddess of Luck and how to Call her

Fortuna, Goddess of Luck and how to ask her help

Who hasn’t asked for good luck? All human beings at some point realise the endless possibilities of their lives and instinctively or deliberately ask for divine  intervention … or some good luck! Well, there is a Goddess which is the personification of Good Luck as her divine name implies. Thus, let’s meet Tyche (Greek) –  Fortuna (Latin), goddess of Good Luck. 

Tyche & Fortuna

Let’s see some interesting things about this amazing goddess. She was the daughter of the primordial Gods of the seas, Oceanus and Tethys. Greek Tyche pro-exists her Roman equivalent. In fact, she was venerated by the greek empire of Alexander the Great in every major city. In Roman times, Tyche becomes Fortuna, who is also depicted as a magnificently beautiful lady, often holding an ear of wheat, an infant or cornucopia – the horn of Amalthea – where all the blessings come from.  

Often coins and currency depicted Goddess Tyche/Fortuna in order to conjure her divine blessings and multiply the wealth to the state. 

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Symbols of Lady Luck

As already described, the Goddess of Luck has several symbols. Let’s see them all. You can use 

  • Ears of Wheat – as a symbol of Wealth and Success following the circle of a healthy life. 
  • Baby – as she is the one who bestows good luck to the ones who are pure and good. Moreover, the symbol of an infant implies that chances may seem small but can grow into something epic. 
  • Cornucopia – the Horn of Amalthea. Amalthea, is the foster-mother of Zeus – king of Gods. She is widely known from the Zodiac Sign – Capricorn – as Zeus wanted to honor her love and devotion. So Amalthea, was a divine Goat who nurtured and protected the infant God Zeus. Zeus was so strong even as a baby, and accidentally broke one of her horns. This became the Cornucopia, the vessel from all blessings come from. Therefore, cornucopia is the divine symbol of Good Luck and All Blessings. 
Fortuna, Goddess of Luck and how to ask her help
Spot the symbols of Fortuna. 1, The ear of Wheat, 2, the Wheel of Fortune, 3, the spinning globe and 4, the ship
  • The Wheel of Fortune. Goddess Fortuna is the one (along with Fates) who can change Luck. She can bestow great fortune or destroy the ones who misuse her blessings. This ‘mercurial’ quality of the feelings, will make the Goddess famous even nowadays for her mood-swings and how in a blink of an eye one can reach the top or get completely destroyed. Thus, her temples regularly received several libations, to try convince Her bless the mortals. 
  • Ship’s Rudder. Goddess Fortuna is the one who allegorically governs the ship of our lives. She is the one who can make a fortunate or inauspicious turn in our paths. 
  • Spinning Globe. Due to the Goddess’s mood swing, Luck is always spinning, ever creating endless possibilities. An equivalent to this could be a dice.

Call Fortuna / Tyche / Lady Luck for: 

  • Bring Good Luck in your life. As we extensively described she is the Goddess of Good Luck. Invoke her powers to bring blessings in your life.
  • To bless your child. Fortuna is believed to love infants and bless them with good luck. 
  • Moreover, to bless a woman / wife. Goddess is called to bless women with fertility and the power to keep their family strong. 
  • For safe traveling. Goddess is invoked by sailors or travellers. 

Spell to Call Tyche / Fortuna, Goddess of Luck

This is the ultimate spell to call the Goddess as described by Orpheus and invoked by the ancient Priests and Priestesses. Call Goddess and offer her a Golden candle and optionally a symbol of the above (like a globe, or a ship miniature etc) or coins. Write a wish or a list of wishes – preferably with Dragon’s blood – fold thrice and put it under a fire-proof vessel. Now put on this vessel the Golden Candle and burn it while devoting some frankincense. Say the prayer thrice. 

Invocation of Lady Luck: 

Come Tyche (Fortuna), with strong propitious mind and rich abundance, to my prayer inclined
Placid, and gentle Trivia, mighty named, imperial Artemis, born of Eubouleos famed;
Mankind’s unconquered, endless praise is thine, sepulchral, widely-wandering power divine!
In thee, our various mortal life is found, and some from you copious wealth abounds,
While others mourn thy hand averse to bless, in all the bitterness of deep distress.
Be present, Goddess, to we who worship you, and give abundance with benignant mind.


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