Predictions for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn – 26 December 2019

Predictions for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn – 26 December 2019

General Predictions for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn:

On December the 26th, at 05:13 UT, the Moon meets the Sun, in Capricorn, forming the New Moon. This New Moon is also an Annular Solar Eclipse. The actual phenomenon of the Solar Eclipse will be visible from most of Asia, Eastern Africa, Indonesia and Northern Australia, but, of course, it will affect – and has already been affecting – us, all. The Solar Eclipse will last from 02:29:53 UT until 08:05:40 UT. If you want to utilise the maximum magical potential of the Eclipse’s magical powers, that’s when you should cast your spells. Nonetheless, be extra cautious, for, powerful as they may be the energies of the Eclipse, they are also difficult to tame and handle.

Also, Jupiter will be affected significantly from this Solar Eclipse as both the Sun and the Moon conjunct the Lucky Star. Moon accurately during the time of the of the phenomenon, while the Sun accurately the next day. This adds some focus, mostly, rather than some stress, in the fields that Jupiter affects for each zodiac. This focus will boost, or force, long lasting changes. These changes will be completed during the coming months, or we’ll receive their benefits during the coming months. While these changes will be beneficial, they can be stressful while they are happening, nonetheless.

During the waxing fortnight, Mercury enters Capricorn, on the 29th of December, and, therefore, until the 16th of January 2020, 5 planets, will be in the zodiac. (Even before then, the Moon will be in Capricorn until the 28th, so until then, too, 5 planets will be in the zodiac.) That’s half of the planets, hence, an extreme concentration of planetary energy will be on Capricorn. Also, Mars changes its zodiac on the 3rd of January, entering Sagittarius. An other significant “change” in the planetary scenery is that the Retrograde Uranus slows down to immobility, as it is getting ready to return into direct motion, a few hours after the coming Full Moon.

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The inauspicious aspects of the New Moon:

Despite the Ecliptic period, thankfully, there are hardly any long-lasting inauspicious aspects taking place. Venus’ square with the Retrograde Uranus lives its last days, and it will have stopped affecting us by the 31st of December. And this is the only long-lasting inauspicious aspect coming from the major planets. Other than that, only Moon’s occasional stress, which we’ll see in our daily predictions, the Lunar Nodes and Chiron will give us some stressful influences, but even them, won’t do much compared to the chaotic energies of the Solar Eclipse. This, of course, is a good thing.

Thus, expect a gentle Eclipse. Some caution, of course, is needed. Especially when interacting with others and when travelling. Nonetheless, this Solar Eclipse will be a breeze compared to the summer’s eclipses.

The auspicious aspects of the New Moon:

Jupiter and the Sun are in conjunction, and this conjunction will be, as we’ve said, accurate on the 27th of December, but it will remain active until the eve of the Full Moon. Therefore it will affect the whole waxing Moon period. The two lucky planets in a harmonious cooperation can always bring very good developments. For Capricorn, of course, this effect will be even stronger and will affect almost every aspect of their lives. The same is true for those having their ascendant in Capricorn, having their natal Moon there, and for those Capricorn is otherwise strong in their natal chart. Not to mention that this is one of the many auspicious energies affecting Capricorn.

Jupiter and the Sun are also in a triangle with the Retrograde Uranus, in Taurus. These triangles have seen their accurate date, and they are declining, but, the Sun’s will be active until the 2nd of December, and Jupiter’s will be active until the 27th of January. These triangles will help us with the changes we want to achieve and with the changes the Eclipse will force us to accept.

From the 3rd of January and then, the Sun will be in conjunction with both Pluto and Saturn. These conjunctions will become accurate during the waning Moon and they will affect more strongly that period, but they’ll support this period, too, strongly. Even more so as Pluto and Saturn are in conjunction. Their conjunction will also become accurate after the Full Moon, but it’s already just as strong.

Also, Jupiter and the Sun will be forming a hexagon with Neptune. Both these hexagons will be active from the 29th of December, and Sun’s will be active until the 17th of January and accurate on the 7th of that month, while Jupiter’s will become accurate of the 20th of February 2020, for the first time (and then again on the 27th of July and on the 12th of October) and it will be active until the 11th of December 2020. This hexagon is one of the reasons this year will be a very magically potent year.

Finally, the fast-moving Mercury will bless us with many blessings. It is forming a conjunction with each Jupiter, the Sun, Saturn and Pluto. With Saturn and Pluto accurately on the 12th of January, the day their conjunction will also be accurate, but with the other two planets during this waxing Moon. All conjunctions, though will affect us, beneficially so, during this period. Also, Mercury forms a hexagon with Mars and another one with Neptune and a triangle with Uranus, all during this waxing Moon.

All this hyperactivity of Mercury will promote social life, including online socialisation, all forms of advertising, all forms of communications (watch out, though, when the Moon stresses Mercury), trade of both goods and services, as well as all forms of studies, researches and intellectual activities. Need, or urge of travelling will also be present. It’s never advisable to travel during an Eclipse, but, if you have to, be extra cautious. The purpose of the trip, though, is not affected negatively. Only the trip itself. This is also a good period for hiring personnel, as well as for sending job applications, despite the Eclipse.


Overall, this is not a bad Eclipse. If anything, it is a good one. Of course there will be some extra stress, because of the chaotic energies of the Solar Eclipse, but things are relatively easy and they are proceeding – maybe, too fast, in some cases – towards good developments.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Aries:

Health needs some attention. Life is demanding and it will become even more demanding under the influences of this New Moon and this Solar Eclipse, and this can put your health in jeopardy. Rest well, eat properly and healthily and, in general, do your best, according to your needs to improve your health and physical condition. Travelling is also not advisable.

Your career is under the focus of this Solar Eclipse and this New Moon. Changes, rapid ones, too, can happen there. Overall, this is for your best, but, nonetheless, it can be a stressful situation while it happens. Work can become even more demanding than it has been for some time now. Do your best, but, as we’ve said, mind your health. The whole year ahead is focusing on your career and it will help you advance there. This Eclipse can make “miracles” happen. But you need the energy and good health to make the best out of these miracles. If you manage that, then things can become much better for month, or even years, to come.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Taurus:

Studies and students receive some stress form this Solar Eclipse. As we’ve said, though, this will be more of a challenge than of an actual problem, as long as you don’t give up. Also, travelling is not advisable during Eclipses for anyone, even more so for you, as this eclipse directly impacts travelling and, even more so, travelling abroad. In the same time, the desire for travelling can get stronger, too.

Your theology and world view as well as all your beliefs and ideas are getting through a crash test. Some, you need to discard, some you need to change and some you may need to add in your system. This is usually an unpleasant and certainly stressful procedure, but it’s a useful one, so don’t try to avoid it. This is the third eclipse in a row affecting these, and it won’t be the last one. Also, family and your other half can have some financial challenges to overcome, and this can affect you, too. Keep in mind, though, that the New Moon, regardless the eclipse, supports the arts, the adventures of the mind, as well as social and love life.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Gemini:

Vehicles and means of communication receive some stressful influences during this period. Some may need repairs, some may need replacement. In the same time, though, selling and buying such items need a more careful approach. Of course, backing up your important files and contacts is advisable. Also, thoughts of death, or the dead, as well as interactions with other planes becomes more common and intense. Dreams can also become more vivid, but not necessarily prophetic. Schools and studies also receive some stress – not necessarily bad, long-term-wise. Changes of schools, courses, teachers and the like can also happen. As the New Moon promises good developments there, these changes will be for your best, even if they are stressful while they are happening.

Other than the above, the people around you are affected by the Solar Eclipse more so than you do. Your other half can be under stress. A financial one, most probably. Interacting with them calmly and trying to advice them when their thinking is irrational – which can easily happen – without imposing, can be helpful, but challenging. Nevertheless, this is a period your love life can get better. Other people around you can also unsettle you. In most cases, though, not as strongly.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Cancer:

Love and social life have been receiving much stress for a year, or two, now and this New Moon and Solar Eclipse is focusing on these very matters. This means more disturbance and more stress, there, but, it’s happening for the best. So much so, that you can even meet a new love interest, or new potential friends. Those already in a relationship can see the problems in this relationship becoming (again) more intense and visible. This is a good thing, as it gives you a chance to deal with them and heal them – permanently. Your other half also seems to be willing to do that. Of course, unhealthy relationships can end, but healthy ones will become stronger. Those of you who have already healed any problems in your relationship, will probably have a happy and easy period with your other half. Your important friendships also go through a similar “test”, although, there, things seems a bit easier.

Health needs some caution. Resting, relaxing and in any possible way taking care of your health and good physical condition is important. Furthermore, avoid any dangerous activities, if possible. If not, be extra careful while doing these. Also, finances can receive some disturbance from the Solar Eclipse, but not significant problems should be expected, there.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Leo:

Work is affected by this Solar Eclipse and this New Moon. The Eclipse can put some stress on it and force some changes, even if you are not really ready for them, but the New Moon and the waxing Moon period are promising these changes will be for the better. Health is also under the planetary focus. There, some more attention will be necessary, but, overall, this is an opportunity to benefit your health in the long term. Indeed some health problems may occur, or act up, but this is mostly for you to take action towards permanently correcting and healing them. In fact the New Moon and the waxing Moon period support your health and healing quite a lot.

Travelling, if possible should be avoided. Especially, travelling abroad. Also, this Eclipse will help you (or force) you redefine yourself and your image. This, more or less, happens during every Ecliptic period, for you. This one, though, can help you go through this procedure with as less stress as possible. If anything, it may even bless it with some good luck and help.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Virgo:

Love life is hardly affected by this Solar Eclipse. If anything, the Eclipse helps you to make it better. The New Moon, also promises a pleasant and happy love life. So, yes, problems can become more vivid, but it’s easier to deal with them and overcome them. Social life, too, becomes more active. Probably, more active than you’d expect, too. This can be somewhat stressful, but it will be even more pleasant. Furthermore, family that has been demanding your attention lately, now becomes less demanding and more supportive. It still needs your attention, but things are getting better. Home, though, can need some care and repairs.

Also, children and children figures in your life can cause you some stress. In most cases this is because of their problems and not because of problems they are causing you, by the way. Similarly, teachers, including spiritual ones, can have some problems and this can reflect in your relationship with them and whether you can continue to study under them. Changing teachers is also possible. Changing teachings, too. Stressful as they may be, these changes are happening for your best.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Libra:

Health needs great attention during this period. It’s probably been stressed anyway, but the Solar Eclipse will stress it even more. Relaxing your schedule is something you should be doing. As the Eclipse won’t leave you at peace, prioritising wisely is probably the key for relaxing your schedule. Furthermore, resting as much as you need to, and securing some you-time can help, too. Also, computers and the like can cause some stress. Backing up important files, updating your antivirus and firewall, and taking any possible precaution can help reduce this stress. Not necessarily completely avoid it, but it’s not impossible to achieve that, too.

Also, home and family can cause you some stress. Situations in the family can become quite intense. In many cases, though, the problems are external ones. Therefore, some more patience and understanding can help you tone down this stress. Also, repairs in home and the like can become necessary. If so, do not avoid them, but, once again, make sure to not make your schedule irrationally tight.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Scorpio:

Overall, this Eclipse won’t cause you much trouble, and calm reactions can help you avoid any mistakes that will make things worse than they need to be. Both finances and career receives some stress from the Solar Eclipse, and in the same time much support from the New Moon. Therefore, there may be some changes, or the need for some changes, regarding these subjects, some obstacles can occur, too, but all of these will help you in the long term. On top of that, it will be relatively easy to overcome them, correct them, or deal with them. Problems and mistakes in your financial management will become quite clear, too. Once again, a calm and clear mind and a calm reaction will save the day, in most – if not all – cases.

Students, teachers, authors and the like can face some more challenges in their occupations, but, in the same time, they can have an opportunity to advance more, too. Social life is active – maybe too active – and in most cases pretty good, too. There may be some stress, there, but mostly because people around you are facing some problems, rather than because you are having some problems with them.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Sagittarius:

The Solar Eclipse is affecting the ruler of your zodiac, therefore, it will affect you, too, greatly. Nonetheless, be cautious, not fearful. Reducing your schedule, resting, relaxing, keeping a comfortable pace, as much as possible, on whatever you are doing and – if possible – avoid travelling and extreme expenses and things will remain good. They may even get better. Your finances are affected by the Eclipse, but mostly the way you are handling them. Correcting mistakes, adapting into changes, or finding better and more suitable for you ways to do that is what this Eclipse and New Moon are teaching you. Your prosperity, though, is not in any danger, unless you get too careless.

Studies and students can face some challenges. Changes in their schools, courses and teachers are possible, too. Spiritual studies and the like will follow a similar pattern. Things there can be a bit more intense. Furthermore, you are changing in and out. You change some of your beliefs, the opinion you have for yourself and, most probably, the image you present to the world. This procedure, is initiated by the Solar Eclipse but it will continue during the next months.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Capricorn:

The Solar Eclipse happening in your zodiac will affect most, if not all, aspects of your life, but, for most of them not too greatly. Health needs some attention. Especially so if you’ve been abusing it. Resting, relaxing and keeping a healthier diet will help a lot. In most cases, what the Eclipse will do is give you a reminder of what you should be paying attention to. Thoughts of death, in some cases because of what is happening, interactions with other planes and things like those are also possible. Dream life will also be quite active, but not necessarily prophetically so. Your finances also need some attention. They are not bad, but, investments, wills, and financial obligations can occupy much of your time. Think thoroughly and carefully before coming up with decisions.

Social and love life will also be tested and – in fact – supported by the Eclipse. Problems with your friends and other half can become more obvious. Adding some joy and playfulness can do a better job than taking things too seriously. In fact, your taking things too seriously can be the cause of most of these problems. Your other half, especially, may need some understanding because of some issues they are facing. On the other hand, your circle of friends may expand, even if just a little.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Aquarius:

Computers, smartphones and the like can cause you some stress, under the influences of this Solar Eclipse. Backing up your important files is a wise practice. Also, repairs and replacements should be done with caution. In general, if you don’t need this equipment just now, it’s better to wait until after the end of the Ecliptic period, on the 24th of January 2020. Friends and friendships can cause you some stress and problems in those relationships can become more intense. The same is true for your other half. Nonetheless, this will be a breeze compared to the problems the previous two Ecliptic Periods gave you. And, of course, healthy relationships will become healthier and stronger. Since things are easier, this time, face these problems courageously and try to heal them and solve them. The next Ecliptic period will also affect this field of your life and not nearly as gently.

Spiritual life also receives much of the focus of this New Moon and Solar Eclipse. This is a good focus, overall, but it can become stressful when it’s happening. Breakthroughs and insights can change your path, your practices, your teachers, or your teachings. External events can also intrigue such changes, but most of this is happening in the inside.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Pisces:

The Solar Eclipse can produce some changes in your work and line of career. In most cases, this will be a good – but probably stressful – event. You’ve achieved some things and now you want to go a step farther. That’s what the Eclipse and the New Moon force upon you, whether you are ready or not. If you are running your own company, with or without partners, your personnel can also cause you some stress, or inconvenience. You may need to hire some new people, too. Also, health needs some attention. Health is not necessarily bad. If anything, it’s better than it used to be, but still, under the Ecliptic influences, it needs some more care and attention. Spine and the legs are the most sensitive areas.

Computers, smartphones and other high-tech gadgets and equipments can face some problems and issues. This isn’t a good period for buying new such equipment. If possible, avoid it. Friends and friendships can also become somewhat unbalanced. As always, good and health relationships will remain and get stronger. It’s the problematic ones that may end, but this, too, unpleasant as it might be, is a good thing.

Astrology and Magic:

All kinds of magic are quite capable and promising under the influences of this New Moon and this Solar Eclipse. Prosperity, success in business and spells to attract people, whether it if for friendship, work, or romance, are even more promising than the rest kinds.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this New Moon and Solar Eclipse and this waxing Moon period!

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