Retrograde Pluto 2020: April 25 – October 4 – Shadow of Death

Retrograde Pluto 2020: April 25 - October 4 – Shadow of Death

Once again, we find Pluto, the planet of transformation, dancing backwards. However, this time things seem much more serious than the previous ones. As we’ve already told you the last time in 2019, this retrograde energy begins to reshape reality. Probably for the first time of the modern history, people are restricted worldwide at their homes. As if an invisible danger is lurking 24 hours a day, ready to attack whoever is more vulnerable. Retrograde Pluto 2020 is making things look much more serious. Hence, Pluto sheds darkness in our world, messing with our minds, clouding our judgment, hurting our feelings.  

Retrograde Pluto 2020

However, retrograde Pluto is actually the Shadow of Death and not Death himself. What is really going on is an imbalance between nature’s diverse forces. We all sense a hidden danger, like a plague coming to test our virtues and love for each other. This is what Retrograde Pluto 2020 is all about. Therefore, trying to stick together and help each other has never been more essential. Indeed dark energies are on the loose. At the same time the Guardians of this Realm have also been awakened, trying to restore the balance that has been disrupted. 

Aries: Too much energy in your career

Retrograde Pluto 2020 is messing with your career and your professional life. Please be aware that you should remain calm and centered, as relationships with your colleagues or your boss might easily go out of hands. Furthermore, try to avoid taking things personally -especially during the time of the eclipses- as these obstacles might actually be a sign from the universe helping you to evolve further.

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Taurus: Destiny’s weird yet interesting games

Your destiny is undergoing a weird transformation. Thus, you may be wondering what do universe is actually telling you to do. As we’ve already discussed, Pluto is the Shadow of Death. As you can understand from this title, being in the solar house which usually brings optimism in your life, he’s actually affected your mood. Especially now that he’s dancing backwards, Pluto is trying to tell you that you should trust your inner power and do not depend on external stimuli to make you feel good. Finally, a great opportunity may await for you by the end of retrograde course.

Gemini: You are transforming into something new 

You feel a heavy shadow in your heart, messing with your personal and professional relationships, affecting your mood, your libido and pushing you to change. And the worst part is that you don’t know exactly how are you supposed to react to this messy series of events. In particular your professional life receives heavy yet very interesting influences,. Until October you may be pushed to work more hours and see your energy levels depleted. Thankfully, a very good opportunity might come out of this troubling time in your career.

Cancer: Handle your relationships with caution

You are amongst the ones who are more affected during this retrograde Pluto 2020. Is a planet of transformation is right across your zodiac sign, you’re the one who is feeling the most pressure. Therefore, you should expect turbulence regarding your personal and professional relationships. If you are married please be very careful with your decisions for the next five months and especially during the time of the eclipses in June and July. Finally, read twice anything that has to do with legal issues and official documents, loans and debt management.

Leo: Change your habits

Until October 2020, retrograde Mercury is actually trying show you another way of living. In other words, Pluto will be trying to shed more light in how you should treat your body’s vitality. Finding a creative way to direct your energy is advised especially until October. For example renewing your gym membership or adopting a more active lifestyle, even if this is restricted by working out at your home or walking around it. 

Virgo: Happiness is delayed but coming

Having the shadow of death in the solar house which was supposed to bring good vibes in your life, satisfaction and fulfillment, is definitely not a good omen. You are already feeling that something is not right in your heart and that for no apparent reason (or for many rational ones), sadness is flirting with you. Unfortunately, some of those things that you’ve been expecting to make you feel better are delayed until October. Use your intuition to protect yourself from unnecessary feelings of abandonment and failure. Just because happiness is delayed, doesn’t mean that it’s not approaching.

Libra: Better care of your home

The power of Retrograde Pluto 2020, is focused on the part of your life that has to do with your home and your family. Therefore, for the next five months until October you should expect turbulence and unhappy feelings which may sometimes be coated as expressions of anger. What you should do, is try to remain calm and find a creative way to deal with these feelings. Try to fix things at home and spend more energy through inspirational methods to uplift the vibes.

Scorpio: your good friends need your attention

Retrograde Pluto 2020, has been affecting the parts of your life that has to do with your friends or your closest relatives, the ones you could declare brothers or sisters. Hence, the shadow of death may affect your relationships with them or bring dark clouds and unsettling thoughts for them. Furthermore, anything that has to do with communication and transportation along with traveling is also affected.

Sagittarius: You are independent regardless of your pocket

The heavy and unsettling forces of Pluto are focusing on your financial status. That being said, for the next five months if you’re going to experience uncertainty but At the same time you should keep an eye on amazing opportunities that may be presented. As Pluto is changing the rules in your finances, the universe is trying to help you understand that you should depend on yourself and on your own creativity as mother nature will always provide for you and nurture.

Capricorn: who have you become?

If you can easily understand, the fact that Pluto is dancing backwards in your zodiac sign actually means that you need and that you will take a step back from what you are currently living. You need to do so as you have to re-examine the way you react to the every day stimuli. Furthermore you need to reflect on what changes have been applied on your character the past years. Who have you become? Is this new person compatible to your soul or do you need do you think of ways to create a better self.

Aquarius: a shadowy step before success

There are so many planets placed right now in your solar house that has to do with your inner thoughts your secret feelings and your general psychological status. What is even more interesting is that Due to all these weird feelings, it seems that the universe is pushing you to make some choices. Hence you constantly feel that you are on emotional and spiritual crossroads. Although this may frequently trouble your head, it is also liberating and a step before your success.

Pisces: Bumpy road towards Social Success

Your Road towards your success in social circles is currently messy and a little bit unsettling. You feel that your friends do not understand you, and the more you are trying to make things better the more messier this parts of  your life gets. I feel that I need to tell you two things about that. First of all you need to realize that reactions of other people are independent from you and you are not responsible about them. However the way you receive those reaction are yours and yours alone!

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